Thursday, April 13, 2017

Release Flurry

Edith here, happy to report that Called to Justice is finally out! I'm in the middle of a great flurry of activities supporting and celebrating the release, and am delighted to be here.

I had a double launch party at an independent bookstore in the next town last week. Why double? Because my alter-ego Maddie Day had a book out only two weeks ago, so we interviewed each other. Read all about it on one of my other two group blogs, the Wicked Cozy Authors.

Next week I'll be launching Called in my own town, where the series takes place. We have a full Poetry Month schedule of events, and mine is called Poetry and Literature. We'll read bits from the two John Greenleaf Whittier poems mentioned in the book, a local poet will read a poem on Midwifery she wrote specially for me, and I'll read the book's opening scene. If you're in New England, come on down to The Noshery at two o'clock on April 23.

A few weeks ago I spoke, wearing my Quaker dress, to a historical society. They filmed the whole thing and I just received the link. You can watch it, too!

The Escape with Dollycas blog tour continues for a few more days, and includes chances to win a copy of Called at every stop.

Some awesome reviews are in, with more coming along every day.

  • "... intricate, heartfelt good as having a time machine..wonderful characters...a finely wrought mystery." - Cozy up with Kathy
  • "a great murder [mystery] with historical background and a story so well written you will be captivated from the start" - Shelley Reads and Reviews
  • "It is not all babies, courtship, and bicycles ... Double-dealing, shadowy shapes in the night, and gunplay all make their appearance in this story, including a twist in the tale that keeps you guessing as to who is who and what is what right up to the end. Delivering the Truth delivers, right across the board." - Criminal Element
  • "Climax...a real page turner...if you are looking for a trip back in time, there is no better guide than ...strong, resourceful...Rose." - Carstairs Considers
Finally, to give an extra boost to Called to Justicebook one, Delivering the Truth has won the Ippy Silver Medal in the Mystery/Cozy/Noir category! And the book currently on sale in both Kindle and paperback versions.

Now I need a nap. ;^)

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