Friday, April 20, 2007

Falling in love again...

by Bill Cameron

Okay, I admit it. I've met someone new.

Sigh. *batseyes*

Do you want to hear about him? I don't even know what to say, he's soooo dreamy. Which means, I admit, that I dream about him constantly. Daydream. You know. Oh my. But he's so amazing.

His name is Eager Gillespie.

Yes, I know, that couldn't be his real name? Could it? Maybe it is. When a while can be named Moon Unit or Metallica, Eager doesn't sound so weird. Of course, maybe it's just a nickname. We've just met, and I haven't had a chance to ask about his family or his background much.

There's just one thing. He's dead.

I know, I know, how do you fall in love with a dead guy? What kind of sicko am I, anyway? But it's complicated, and honestly, if all goes well, maybe there's something I can do to bring him to life again. Maybe there's some secret that I haven't yet discovered about who he is, something that will move him from the dead to the quick.

I sure hope so. Because I loooove him!

Here's what I know. He's a young cop, still a probie barely out of the academy. His death is tragic and unexpected (as are so many of them), but he dies in the line of duty. A hero's death. Which is actually good for him, because it turns out if he hadn't been killed, he'd be dead soon anyway, and much more unpleasantly. His hero's death is almost a gift.

The sad thing about Eager is that he's in to some stuff he shouldn't be. I don't know much about it yet, and it's not going to be easy to dig it all out. He wants to be a good guy, but who saddled him with that name maybe got him off on the wrong foot. I've been dreaming about him, and in every dream I learn something new. I learn who his friends are, and which friends maybe shouldn't be. He talks fast and is eager to please, which is probably where his name comes from. That's a great strength of his, but it's also a great weakness. It's what gets him into trouble.

He's my newest character, and I'm going to love bringing him to life and then killing him off again.

Sigh. *batseyes*


Mark Terry said...

Ah, new love. Wonderful, isn't it?

I've got one named Monaco Grace. She works for the CIA as a special op. She's fluent in several Asian languages, is deadly as can be, but has some problems with her bosses back at Langley for her tendency to exceed her assignments. Last time I saw her she was deep in doo-doo in Beijing. She's probably waiting for me to join her. Soon, Monaco, soon...

Sue Ann Jaffarian said...

My new love is Granny Apple. She's the ghost of a woman hung 100 years ago for the murder of her husband; which, of course, she didn't do.

Sue Ann Jaffarian said...

By the way, Bill. Are you and Eager registered anywhere?

Becky said...

My new love is Andrina Ramirez. She's a feminine, yet tough as nails, personal trainer and martial artist who is unconvinced that her father's death was just a freak accident.

Nina Wright said...

When you also write teen fiction, as I do, you run the risk of sounding truly oogy when you fall in love with sixteen-year-old (or even younger) boys created just the way you used to love 'em. And still do. Ah, the subtle if not secret benefits of being a writer....

Nina Wright