Monday, October 27, 2008

Party Animal!

By Deborah Sharp

I am SO grateful for good friends, who've been helping me celebrate the launch of my mystery series deubt, ''Mama Does Time.'' The last week-and-a-half has been a whirl of signings and parties ... which feels pretty strange for a homebody like me. My husband barely recognizes this new social animal. When we met at a party, way back when, I was reading a book in a corner.

These days, I'm front and center. Which still makes me cringe a little. But, ever the observer, I have had the chance to chronicle some things that never happened at a party before I became a mystery writer. For example:

* * * Guests always used to bring wine. This weekend, someone brought me a severed hand. Nicely wrapped in turquoise gift paper with gaily colored ribbons. Uhm, thanks?

* * * As one of Florida's famously violent thunderstorms threatened, I fretted the party would be ruined. Said a friend: ''Don't worry. You can use if for the opening of a story: It was a dark and stormy night . . . ''

* * * Someone gave me a big bill to buy a book, forcing me to do math. It wasn't pretty. Good thing we're still wearing sandals this time of year in Florida, which allowed for enumeration on toes in addition to fingers.

And, when the counting got really complicated, the severed hand came in handy.

Groan! A party animal and a punster? Who is this person?


Sue Ann Jaffarian said...

Deb, Welcome to the dark side. :)

I have yet to get a severed hand, thankfully, but I've been given 5 lunch boxes (Curse of the Holy Pail) and countless suggestions for plot lines. It seems these days that every sentence from others, both friend and stranger, begins with "you know what you should do..."

Lynn Sholes said...

No severed hand for me either! Sounds like you are having a ball. Have you noticed how everyone says they want to write a book about their life but don't have time?

G.M. Malliet said...

The hand looks like it's been made into a keychain. Or maybe the manufacturer has just provided a handy way to hang it on your wall, should something like this fit your decor.

Please tell me this does not fit your decor, Deb.

Mark Combes said...

A friend of yours actually paid you for a copy of your book? My friends all want free ones....Then again, given the quality of my writing....

Deborah Sharp said...

Ha, Mark! That ''friends wanting freebies'' was GOING to be my topic ... for another day, maybe. And, Sue Ann and Lynn, I'm going to start saying to everyone I meet, ''Hey, I've always thought I could do your job (whatever it may be).'' And, nope, no severed hand decor ... though I do have a gator skull as a front-door stop.
Love y'all!

jbstanley said...

I want a friend who'll bring me a severed hand! Congrats on your release and bathe in the limelight. You've earned it!