Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool!

I write humorous dialogue one-liners, but in real life, I’m one of those curmudgeonly writers. Leave me alone in my corner with coffee, lots of paper, and my fountain pen, and no one gets hurt. My husband, however, makes jokes all the time, and loves puns. I would love to write a character that drops puns that easily, but my brain simply doesn’t work that way.

I’m a Marx Brothers fan. I love their subtlety and lightning-fast wit.

My father, husband, and sons are huge fans of the Three Stooges. Should I say “Of course”?

Nearly every male I know is a Three Stooges fan. Sometimes I think it’s genetics.

And, since today is often about practical jokes, I’m forcibly reminded of this:

My sons got one of these things when they were in grade school. Nothing on the planet was funnier to them than that farting sound. That’s when it hit home: Humor is a very personal thing. My entire family loves The Muppet Show, but the boys like Family Guy (we don’t) and no one else shares my Monty Python addiction.

So, writers and readers: What’s your style of written humor? PG Wodehouse? Pearls Before Swine? Elmore Leonard? Doonesbury? Scott Adams? I'm a die-hard Pearls fan. In honor of today, I’ll be hiding in my house, avoiding the practical jokers and watching Muppet Show reruns.


Darrell James said...

The obvious humor doesn't do it for me. I laugh when a line comes as a complete suprise, the character says something that is opposite what you expected.

Kathleen Ernst said...

I appreciate wry or dry humor, and I always appreciate witty self-deprecatory comments. As a writer, those lines either come or they don't--can't force 'em!

My husband is fond of puns as well. I try not to encourage him in that regard!

Alan Orloff said...

I guess I should go on record as saying I don't find The Three Stooges especially funny. Oh sure, the finger poke in the eye is pretty humorous, but the rest? Eh.

Keith Raffel said...

I guess humor is serious business.

Alice Loweecey said...

Keith, I think you're right. :)