Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Almost Paradise

Greetings from sunny, stunning Playa Del Carmen, Mexico where everything is beyond as promised at  Our resort is lovely.  The staff is friendly and first rate.  The margaritas, delicious Mexican fare and fun have been flowing.  Everything has been thought out and delivered, from the extra towels poolside to the authentic evening turn down candy.  Other than one afternoon of rain, we’ve not only enjoyed sunshiny breezy days, but the ocean really is that crazy, azure blue I seriously believed was colorized for marketing purposes.   My husband and I will even be having our “free” massages in the morning and, to top it all off, we’ll be leaving with our family photo and complimentary frame.

In a word, and other than that bit of friendly attempted strong-arming to get us to buy into whatever they’re calling timeshares these days, it’s paradise.

Frankly, that’s the problemo.

I had this grand plan where I’d spend the morning soaking up the sun and enjoying the sheer getting away of it all and, while the kids and hubby frolicked in the ocean, pool or anywhere but where I was, every afternoon lounging on my partial ocean view balcony overlooking the jungle filled with Mangrove trees.  Laptop in tow and clear, vacation brain in gear, page upon page of brilliant writing would follow.  This post would flow like the mariachi music emanating from the enormous courtyard of our hotel.
Note to Self: Lay off the Margaritas.

Note to Self Two:  Don’t believe the hype about vacation productivity.  That’s why it’s called a vacation.



Robin Allen said...

The amount of productivity depends on where you take your vacation. North Dakota in January would be more conducive to writing.

Have another margarita and worry about it manana.

Shannon Baker said...

I can tell which one is the diver! Bacation, baby.

Cricket McRae said...

Uh oh. I'm heading to Cozumel in two weeks and was hoping to get some work done. Not a lot mind you...

Keep having a fabulous time, Linda!