Monday, April 23, 2012

Keep it Real.

Hello there.

Well, there are a LOT of things happening lately in my life. Mostly good, some bad. Got me to thinking about life in general. The good stuff is VERY good, and has to do with the road I'm on that will lead to Untold Damage being released next April. There's been the "vision meeting", where my editor gets together with the marketing people and they talk pretty much about me and my book and how my brand will be developed and marketed. Yup, I've got "a brand" now.

Never thought I'd have one of THOSE, and that's a fact.

Then there was the "launch meeting". That sounds, from what I was told, like it was more "nuts and bolts". The title was finalized, the launch day was agreed upon (well, launch month, for now), and the tagline was also agreed to. The tagline is that line you often find on the front or back cover, usually in a larger font, etc. The line that sort of gives you the theme of the book, in a nutshell.

I had submitted to Marketing my idea for the tagline, and was VERY happy to hear that they loved it and that's what we're going with. They also accepted my concept for the cover. THAT was f'n awesome of them! :-) I can't wait to see the first mock up! I got a real kicker of an email when my editor emailed to ask how I wanted my name to appear. Nice!

I've turned in the first book, and am waiting to see if there's any more to do on it. While I wait, I'm starting the second book, and already thinking about what the third one will be. Oh, and on top of that, I'm writing the screenplay adaption of the first book, so when the ARC comes out, we can say to any potential Hollywood types, "Hey, here's this great new thriller, AND here's what a movie version would look like. Cool, right?"

ALL of these developments are good and happy and golden light with skipping ponies and rainbows, naturally.

Then, there's the other stuff. My mother has been suffering from Alzheimer's for a VERY long time, and finally... she's shutting it all down, at the end of the last stages of the disease. She's being moved into hospice care, and will most probably not last another couple weeks. My sisters and I have known, of course, that THIS is how it was going to go, and we've had a VERY long time to wrap our heads around it, say our goodbyes, plan for what happens... after.

My point?

That writing books and chasing the dream of finding an agent and a book deal is all well and fine, but it does not make illness go away, or make you a better, or worse person. In the great scheme of things, this writing/book stuff means the equivalent of a spec of space dust. We live on a beautiful planet, and while writing can be a lifeline (I know it is, and has been, for me) that keeps us going to our dreary day jobs, it does not cure cancer, feed the homeless, or sparkle like a ray of sunshine on a cherry blossom.

You have to live in the moment, my friends. Yes, focus on the work, work hard, and work well... however, ALWAYS remember to look up from your computer once in awhile, and tell your loved one that you love them. Get the F up and toss the ball with your kid, or your dog. Play with your cat. Or hell, just stare at something lovely for five minutes, like a flower, or up at the clouds as they move across the sky.

We have only one go 'round in this life. Make it a life worth living, yeah?

See ya.



Robin Allen said...

I'm so glad you have the good book stuff to balance out the situation with your mother. I'm sending up prayers for a sweet and peaceful end.

Beth Groundwater said...

Good to hear that you're now a "branded" author, RK, and my thoughts will be with you as you say goodbye to your mother.

Shannon Baker said...

Gutters and strikes, for sure.

Deborah Sharp said...

The book news is exciting, and the news about your mom so very sad. Life is always a balance, isn't it?
My thoughts are with you and your sisters.
PS ... do we call you R? RK?

Robert K. Lewis said...

Thanks for the lovely comments, peeps! They're VERY appreciated.

And yeah... Sharron, you nailed it: gutters and strikes.

Deborah, Robert works just fine. :-)

Thanks again! Yeah, it's a crazy time, all right.

Kathleen Ernst said...

Robert, congrats on all the wonderful stuff, and condolences about your mom. That particular disease is just horrid. I hope the writing is providing a good outlet.