Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Don't Forget About the Cat!

My new mystery, Drop Dead on Recall, has been characterized by many people as a dog-centered book, not without reason. It opens at a dog show, where a top-ranked obedience competitor keels over during the drop on recall exercise. (Aha! That's what the title means!) Besides, much of the plot revolves around a group of dog fancers and their dogs. In fact, let me introduce the main dogs of book one - or at least dogs that could be them.

My Australian Shepherd, Jay, is now playing at the Rainbow Bridge, but he kept my feet warm while I wrote Drop Dead on Recall, and he inspired the series protagdog, also named Jay. Here Jay is performing  the "retrieve over the high jump" in the Open obedience class at a trial.

These handsome Border Collies could be Pip and Fly, who
figure prominantly in the plot.

This handsome Labrador Retriever cold easily be Drake,
Jay's new friend and main dog of Janet's new, well, friend,
because really, she doesn't want to complicate her life.Right?
(Drake also is a major player in the sequel to
Drop Dead on Recall.)

But hold on! The whole book hasn't gone to the dogs, has it? Indeed, no! Janet and Jay share their home with a very important orange tabby. Leo is a major player throughout the book, and something of a hero cat, even if he is a sucker for catnip and sardines.

Kitty, one of the inspirations for Leo's character, knew that dogs can be fun (as long as they know who's really in charge).

So if you're a fan of felines in mysteries, don't judge Drop Dead on Recall by its cover. Just have a seat, open the book, and Leo will be there for a nose bump in no time. For more about the book, including reviews, click here.

Leo would also like you to Drop Dead for Healthy Dogs! Check out my virtual book launch to benefit canine health research from now through October 11. For more information, click here. Meow!

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Kathleen Ernst said...

I can't wait to read this book, Sheila! And I'm getting copies for both of my sisters, who are involved in animal rescue (one with cats, one with dogs). Me, I often write with my own feline friend warming my lap.

Sheila Webster Boneham said...

Thanks, Kathleen! Tell your sisters about my rescue page on Facebook - @rescuematters (also on Twitter. (BTW, I just ordered YOUR new book for myself and for a friend who LOVES lighthouses.)

Beth Groundwater said...

Maybe you should promote your series as animal-centric mysteries, to keep the scope as broad as possible in readers' minds!