Friday, May 9, 2014

Return from Malice Domestic

I attended Malice Domestic last week.  In case you're not familiar with Malice, it's an annual conference for people who love traditional--cozy--mysteries.  Attendees include both writers and fans, and it's a great conference for all of us!

One of the best things for me was to see so many Midnight Ink authors there.  I won't attempt to name them because I'm sure to miss some, but the turnout was great.  I got to meet some MI writers I'd never met before as well as connect with others whom I'd met previously, both in person and online.  I ate dinner with some, had drinks with others, and just generally schmoozed and shared ideas and had a great time with them.

Plus, our wonderful editor Terri Bischoff was there.  I'd met Terri last year at Malice and got to spend more time with her this year.

A lot of authors participate at Malice by talking on panels.  This year my panel involved using social issues in our mysteries.  My current mystery series with Berkley Prime Crime is the Pet Rescue Mysteries, which, of course, involves the social issue of caring for and rescuing animals.  My intent isn't to hit readers over the head with it, but to encourage everyone to care for, or at least not endanger, pets.  And, of course, a murder's involved in each story since they're cozy mysteries.

I've been on Malice panels in the past that have included "Going to the Dogs" and "Lights, Camera, Murder: Mysteries Involving TV & Movies."  They fit  what I've been writing and I enjoyed them, too.

My first MI series, the Superstition Mysteries, debuts in October this year with LOST UNDER A LADDER.  And, yes, it has dogs in it, as all my mysteries do.  My protagonist Rory Chasen winds up not only researching the validity of superstitions but also running the Lucky Dog Boutique in the fictional town of Destiny, California.  Plus, I'm working on another series for MI--more info to come sometime soon. 

It'll be fun to see what panel I'm attached to at Malice next year! 


Beth Groundwater said...

I really missed seeing all my mystery reading and writing friends at Malice this year. I've loved reading blog posts about it and seeing the photos that attendees have been posting, though. Thanks for this recap!

Linda O. Johnston said...

Sorry you weren't there, too, Beth. Maybe next year!