Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Free Duffy Audio!

Tom Schreck, Author of "TKO" and the other Duffy Dombrowski Mysteries.

I'm a big fan of audio books and have one going in the car all the time.

I have a producer friend with a studio who offered to mix a short story for me.

I took Peter Koniuto of Red Sun Soundroom in upstate New York up on it. He did a great job--particularly with mixing in some Elvis in in the beginning and the end.

If you've ever had to read your work for recording for any length of time let me tell you it's really hard work. Koniuto made me do two complete read throughs and I was exhausted.

It's also painful to hear your own voice especially when you're trying to create your characters.

With apologies to James Earl Jones here it is "Hounding Duffy" as they say; Read by the author

--and its also on and on Myspace at


Keith Raffel said...

Can't wait to get it on my iPod!

G.M. Malliet said...

I don't know why, I kept thinking: Garrison Keillor.