Tuesday, January 27, 2009


So, I joined Facebook today. Holy smokers! Holy high tech!
Friends are popping out of the woodwork, and it's making me feel all connected and popular.
I'm in deep doo-doo.
(OMG, Facebook's been around like-- 4-EVER! Susan, U R so slow!)
Anyway, Facebook is simultaneously way powerful--Barack Obama has over 4 million supporters on Facebook --and way a potential time waster--all those games and groups. What about online Scrabble? Is there a Milli Vanilli fan club?
I love the chatty sense of community and the pictures, the videos, the wall writing, and all, but I can see that this could blow Spider Solitaire out of the water when it comes to its ability to gobble up my writing-day job-waking hours (add this to gobbling them up all the other low tech ways I'm already using when not at the computer).
But when I am seated at my magic box, mouse in hand, I can fool myself and others into thinking I am writing or working the day job. That's the danger.
"Can't help you right now, honey. I'm at my computer." Note--I didn't mention working or writing--crafty huh? At the computer smoking electronic crack is more like it.

Lately, I've been playing enough Spider to give myself a severe case of button-itis, the disease that George Jetson came down with from pressing too many buttons. I contend it was one button George pressed--the mouse button. (George is believed to have been a closet Spider Solitaire addict himself.)
But this--this Facebook thingy-- it's a GOOD thing.

Let's look at the plus side, Facebook has all this potential for a writer: stealthy and not so stealthy promotion, creating an online writing lounge, online critique groups, fan clubs, a dog lovers area, connecting with people who have drafty houses built before 1930. Wait, those last two veered off a tad.
I'm sure it's productive though, right?

Hey! I just got another friend request, I gotta go...


G.M. Malliet said...

I'm on facebook, but so far, I've managed to keep my addiction under control. Wish me luck with that...

Keith Raffel said...

Susan, now that you're on Facebook you can learn about other cutting edge technology that you could have missed -- fax machines, cellphones, and maybe even iPods.

Deborah Sharp said...

Love the post! I'm right with you in being behind the times .... I still jump when my cell phone rings from my purse. What IS that new-fangled gadget?