Friday, October 23, 2009

10 Things From Boucehrcon

1. The insecurity of going to a conference by yourself fades away quickly when you see old friends.

Buddy Marcus Sakey

2. It's a good idea to stay out your room and in the traffic of people even if you're having bouts of introvertism.

3. People you see a handful of times of years can feel just as close (maybe more) than people you see all the time.

4. It is a thrill to give a panel and then come out and see a line of people waiting for you to sign their books.

The Old School Duffy shirt design

5. Giving away Duffy t-shirts and Out Cold beer koozies was a fun idea and not silly like I feared.

My new best friend, reviewer Jen Forbus of Jen's Book Thoughts

6. Always, always, always bring extra books. I was sold out of sixty books on Friday and kicked myself the rest of the weekend.

7. Whether you're tired at night or not you should stay in the bar as late as possible. More connections are made there than any place else.

8. What a gas it is when people come up to you and say they love your books.

9. Having friends like the Jordans, Joe Konrath and Bob Ward make it easy to meet a ton of other people.

10. I think it is good business to go to Bouchercon but I think I do these things because they're fun. I think it is a gas to hang out with writers. I think it is an even bigger gas when people think that I belong in that fraternity.


Sue Ann Jaffarian said...

Nice post, Tom. Sounds like a great time. One day I will go to one of these things and finally meet you.

Beth Groundwater said...

I wish I'd had a chance to talk to you face-to-face there, Tom. Maybe at the next one!

Jen Forbus said...

Just so you know, Tom, you helped me (like others helped you) my first myself. You're just as much a part of that support system as anyone else. I just love this community!! :) And I was thrilled to get to meet you. Hugs! -Jen