Thursday, November 19, 2009

Stay-Cation on My Mind

Tomorrow night at 6:00 I begin my stay-cation. A stay-cation is when you take vacation days but stay home instead of traveling. I can’t wait! Counting weekends, I will have nine full days to do whatever the hell I want – well, within reason. You see, I do have a book deadline coming up in under two months. But in theory, I will have nine days that are all mine.

Mine. Mine. All mine.

Be still my heart.

I’m making a list and checking it twice. (Sorry, Santa.)
Clean and organize closet – check
Read a book – check
Lunch with friends – check
Visit the Getty Museum – check
Shampoo carpet – check
Attend Drag Queen Bingo - check
Write until my fingers are bleeding stumps – double check.

Hah! to cruises. Hah! to warm sandy beaches. Hah! to theme parks. I’m vacationing at the corner of Palms and Overland on the west side of Los Angeles. And the exhaust fumes from street traffic and planes on their way to LAX are complimentary. Such a deal.

In this crazy economy, stay-cations have become quite a popular. Are you planning a stay-cation? If so, what’s on your must-do list?

I'll be posting updates on my activities on my personal blog, Babble 'n Blog.

BTW – Drag Queen Bingo is really research for a new book. Honest!

By Sue Ann Jaffarian
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Lisa Bork said...

Have a wonderful stay-cation, Sue Ann! I definitely want to hear more about drag queen bingo :)

Alan Orloff said...

Have a great stay-cation! I'm planning one, too, for next week. On mine, I'll be cleaning the house and raking leaves and arguing with children and cooking turkeys and...

Sounds like a very interesting book you're working on.

Sue Ann Jaffarian said...

Oh yeah, Alan, I forgot, somewhere in there is Thanksgiving. Though I could lump that under the "lunch with friends" category. No cooking for us, we're dining out!

Lisa, DQB is Wednesday night. I promise photos if they let me take them!

Keith Raffel said...

Sue Ann, Am ready for a stay-cation as soon as I buy that beach house.

Diana James said...

Sue Ann - I will spend next week with our two teen granddaughters, what a stay-cation! Can I come stay with you???

Beth Groundwater said...

Okay, I have lots of questions about Drag Queen Bingo. Are all the players dressed in drag, or just the callers/announcers? And if you're already a woman, how do you dress. Is in really a regular Bingo game or are the rules different? Inquiring minds want to know!

Sue Ann Jaffarian said...

Beth, I will give a full report next week on my blog. But what I know so far is the players are not in drag, just the folks running it and it's regular bingo like you'd see at a church, but not.

G.M. Malliet said...

I am late showing up, but I hope the stay-cation was grand.