Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Chilly Disney World, Here We Come

by Felicia Donovan


It has been many years since I ventured to the Magic Kingdom, but off I go in a few days along with my best friend and her family. escape from the cold New England weather that has hovered around a high of twenty degrees for many days. Visions of shorts, sandals and t-shirts crept into my head as I began the arduous task of planning what to pack...until I checked the weather reports.

What? Sixty degrees with an evening low of forty and clouds? My friend's extended family is already in Florida and quickly issued this caution - pack the kids' winter coats and gloves. Seriously?

Just a few years ago I was in Orlando in March and my own children opted out of some of the Disney attractions to linger in the luxurious hotel pool because it was so warm.

Okay, Mickey, Belle, Ariel, Cinderella and the lot of you. I've heard Disney can make it snow at Christmastime, so how about using some of that good ol' Disney magic and cranking it up another ten degrees? Not that I'm complaining, mind you, because friends assure me you don't want to be there when it's ninety, but a pleasant and sunny seventy degrees would be a nice change from what we're experiencing in the Northeast.

I'm open for advice on what to pack given the conditions if any of you experienced Disney fans want to share. And yes, that's me in the picture with my Mickey ears having just returned from a visit.


Lisa Bork said...

Felicia, my family will be there too, and we've pretty much crossed the waterparks off our to do list. It's still at least 30 degrees warmer than home!

G.M. Malliet said...

I'm supposed to be in the Keys in March. Any idea what's the forecast?

G.M. Malliet said...

p.s. Love the ears, Felicia!

Sue Ann Jaffarian said...

Great photo, Felicia! And have a great time. Considering your home temps, 60 will still seem like heaven.

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Such a cute picture!

I'd pick Capri pants, short sleeves, and a windbreaker that you can tie around your waist. The pools are heated in winter, so still pack your flip flops, suits, etc. :)

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Alan Orloff said...

Sixty degrees sounds mighty nice to me right about now. Have a great trip! (Nice ears!)

Mike Dennis said...

Felicia, people make one big mistake about Orlando in thinking that it's going to be warm year-round. Right now, at this moment, it's 50 degrees with a low tonight of 34. Highs all week (through Monday) will be in the 50s with lows in the 30s and 40s. DRESS WARM!

And GM, as a former Key Wester (16 years), I can tell you March is beautiful. You will love it.

One more thing: can someone please, PLEASE tell me why my Google name and password aren't accepted here. I'm forced to set up a new account EACH TIME I want to post on this site. And EACH TIME I enter the same name and password, then and only then (after I set up the new account), is it accepted.. Did I say this happens EACH TIME I try to post something on this site?

G.M. Malliet said...

Can anyone help Mike? I've never experienced this problem - I log in with an email address and the password I chose for google.

Jessica Lourey said...

That is such a sweet photo, Felicia, perfectly capturing that embarrassed to be proud look that only a four-year-old can pull off.

I'm taking my boyfriend to Springdale, UT, this weekend to celebrate Valentine's Day, his birthday, and various other special things. If anyone wants to rob my house, Felicia's, or Lisa's this weekend, I'd go for Lisa's (sorry, Lisa, it's just that I know Felicia is a safety expert, and I don't want them in mine).

Anyhow, high 50s and sun is looking gorgeous from where I'm sitting.

Mike, have you tried a different browser? I only use Firefox.

Cricket McRae said...

Love the photo, Felicia!

In Colorado the temp can veer up or down sixty degrees in a day, so I'm a big fan of layering clothing. Usually means less to fit in a suitcase, too. Monday evening we flew back from Cozumel to nine degrees and high winds. Brr. But even in Mexico it was chilly at night.

Have a great time!

Rosalee Deveraux Provenza said...

Pack those mittens and scarves, Felicia. I'm a Fla native, and I can't remember a winter more consistently CHILLY than this one. It's been cold enough to freeze the iguanas like popsicles, and we humans have been a bit frosty, too.
Your hotel's hot tub should get a workout.

Mike Dennis said...

Jess--I'm using Safari, but I also have Firefox. I'll give it a shot. Thanks for the tip.

Jessica Lourey said...

Ohhoho, Mike, you've been outed as a Mac user. Clearly, that's the problem here. ;)

Keith Raffel said...

Lisa and Felicia, what are you doing to sell your books at the park?