Friday, June 25, 2010

Gratitude ... and a Video

Cricket McRae

Yesterday I drove down to Denver to have lunch with my publicist at Midnight Ink, who's there for a trade show. She's a delight, and three and half hours slid away like it was nothing. Our afternoon together sparked thoughts on the drive home about all the people who have helped my writing career in both small and large ways.

And that in turn sparked a memory. Hadn't I already written a post here about how lucky I felt? Yep, it turns out I did, and it was timed almost exactly the same as this one: right before the release of a book.

That post was prior to the release of Spin a Wicked Web, book three in my Home Crafting Mystery Series. This time Something Borrowed, Something Bleu is due out in six days. Funny how the prospect of a book hitting the shelves fills me with gratitude. Or maybe not so funny. Maybe it's just right.

I've thanked everyone I've worked with at the publisher, the terrific group here at Inkspot, kind blurbers, reviewers and, of course, readers. My acknowledgements mention my agent(s), family, friends, critique partners and people who helped me with research. This fourth book is dedicated to libraries everywhere.

And I'm still grateful to them all.

But unmentioned elsewhere are the other writers who encouraged me early in my journey and also later in my career. Fellow workshoppers and students, teachers and generous published writers. The time William Dietrich told me to never stop writing because I told a good story and he knew I'd make it. When William Kittredge told me after a creative nonfiction workshop that I'd be published within two years (it was close). My chance encounter with Skye Kathleen Moody in the basement of the Denny Building at UW and her out-of-the-blue offer to read my manuscript and recommend it to her agent if she liked it. Robert Michael Pyle's constant, gentle appreciation of my off-the-cuff prose.

Over the years I've contacted them all to say thanks.

And now there are the people in the various professional organizations who offer advice, camaraderie and keep me sane simply because they get it. I've heard of stingy, jealous writers, but I have yet to run into any of them.

Of course I may have tempted fate by writing that. I'll let you know.

Anyway, the book is coming out next week, and I'm guesting at various blogs and wandering around to book stores to do my dog-and-pony show (since it's just me maybe it's only a pony show?). For anyone interested, the whole schedule is here.

Now I'll leave you with the trailer for Something Borrowed, Something Bleu. And THANKS!

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Sue Ann Jaffarian said...

Big congratulations on the new release, Cricket!!

Gratitude is something that doesn't wane, but should grow stronger with each new book. Each time one of mine is released, I'm filled with warmth and fuzzies and thankfulness towards those who had both big and small parts in my journey.

Darrell James said...

Congratulations on your new book, Cricket! Nice video. And nice post. It makes me think back to all the people who have influenced, encouraged, and helped me along the way (there have been a lot). I think sometimes I've probably forgotten to thank many of them.

Thanks to "you" for being an M'Inker friend.

Cricket McRae said...

Sue Ann, you're right. I can't imagine being complacent about a book release!

Aw, Darrell, now I feel all warm and fuzzy like Sue Ann. And the list of people who have influenced my writing by example would be incredibly long!
Hearth Cricket

Keith Raffel said...

Cricket, Am excited for you. Congrats. But why aren't you stopping by the Bay Area? Your fans will miss you. It can be fun, too. Ask Jess.

Lois Winston said...

Cricket, great video! Congrats on the new release. Getting published is an amazing accomplishment that no published author should ever take for granted. We owe a tremendous debt to all the people who had a hand in our success.

G.M. Malliet said...

As Darrell says, the danger is forgetting to thank someone. Congrats on the new release, Cricket!

Kathleen Ernst said...

Congrats on the new release! And thanks for reminding us of how fortunate we are.

I wrote novels for twenty years before getting one published. (Yes, I started very young .) I know talented friends who have not yet found their lucky break. So I don't take anything for granted!

And for aspiring writers out there...hang in there. Learn your craft. Write your best story. One day you'll be thanking people too.

Alan Orloff said...

Congrats on the new release. Go Cricket!!

Cricket McRae said...

Thanks for all congrats, everyone!

Keith, I'd love to tour in your neck of the woods. Don't count me out yet!

You're right, Lois -- no one should ever take being published for granted.

G.M., now I'm scrambling to think of anyone I've forgotten...

Kathleen, good advice. There are a lot of talented writers out there. Don't give up!

Go Alan!

Beth Groundwater said...

Hi Cricket,
Congratulations on your upcoming release! And you've got a busy in-person and virtual tour planned. Good luck with all your events.

Now, why aren't you coming to Black Cat Books or Beth Anne's Book Corner in Colorado Springs (which is waaaay closer than the Bay Area, and you have a place to spend the night if you want--my house!)?

I absolutely love your book trailer! I've been nudging my technology/photography-loving hubby toward signing up to do my book trailer when it's time. Could he consult with you to find out how you did yours?