Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Thick Heads and Stuffed Noses

So I came down with the crud Tuesday before last, you know the kind... plugged sinuses, plugged ears, aches and pains, general malaise. It's hung on now for a week and a day and doesn't want to let go. I'm frantically trying to finish my second book, and boy, it's hard to think clearly through all the junk (okay, let's say it like it is: snot) stuffing my noggin, my ears, and my nose. It reminds me of the "new" guidelines for going in to work. If you're sick, stay out. No more "sickened warriors" in the workplace. We don't want anyone else contaminated with the Asian flu, the bird flu, and now measles in the airport. All kinds of strange and fancy illnesses are out there.

The one good thing when we write is that we can usually do it from the comfort of our own home. The only ones we're infecting, if we're ailing, are our poor significant others and kids, if we have 'em. So unless our ailment is an injury to our typing fingers, and I say that because I use three digits on one hand and one on the other to push those keys, we can usually plug on. Even when we're plugged up. Writers are a persistent bunch, kind of like postal workers. You know, getting the job done through wind and rain, snow, hail, and blistering heat... Instead of battling the elements, we writers battle brain blockage in its many forms. Head colds, writer's block, drippy noses, aching wrists. We carry the bardic banner proudly, my friends, and keep those words flowing one way or another. Most of the time, anyway!

How do you battle through the winter cold season? Any tricks that have helped you feel better, think clearer, and keep you writing?


Keith Raffel said...

They say it's just a placebo, but Airborne seems to help me get over winter colds faster. Feel better, Jessie.

Darrell James said...

My placebo- "I don't get sick! I don't get sick! (repeat after me) "I don't get sick!"... I don't!

(Oh, and live in a warm place.)

Beth Groundwater said...

Tea, lots of tea, especially Celestial Seasonings Echinacea Wellness Tea. And lots of sleep, too.

Kathleen Ernst said...

Hope you're feeling better! At least you can write in your jammies.

Lisa Bork said...

Hope you feel better soon, Jessie.

Cricket McRae said...

Feel better, Jessie. I'm like Darrell, though now that I've put it in writing I'll probably be struck down with a cold for the first time in a decade.

Erm ... I actually have that tissue box.

Jessie Chandler said...

Keith, I'm going to try some of that Airborne stuff!
Darrell: I soooo wish I lived somewhere warmer than MN! LOL
Beth: I'll go find some of that tea, too :-)
Kathleen: I can indeed write in my jammies LOL
Thanks for the well-wishes, Lisa!
Cricket: my fingers are crossed you and Darrell both remain cold-free!!! LOL on the tissue box!
Thanks everyone for their suggestions and wishes :-)

Terri Bischoff said...

Jess - I think you should do one of those netti pot things. I've never done it, but plenty of people around here swear by them. Let me know if you want me to drop one off at your house before I fly off to sunny, warm Florida ;)

Alice Loweecey said...

Airborne. 1000mg vitamin C every 1-2 hours or till your stomach argues. Zinc lozenges. Echinacea + goldenseal.

My body just decided to start a cold today. What impeccable timing: Book launch tomorrow, radio interview Saturday, library talk Monday.

My body is in for a stern talking-to.

Deborah Sharp said...

I'm with Darrell . .. live in a warm place. But even in Fla., we get colds. Someone turned me on to Dayquil. Genius! Stopped my nose from running during a book-signing (who wants to get a signed book from someone blowing her nose???)
Hope you feel better soon.

Cozy in Texas said...

I stopped fighting it and hid under the covers for several days. Whatever it was this year was HORRIBLE.
Hope you're feeling better. It's hard to write when your head is in a fog.

Jessie Chandler said...

Terri: thanks for the netti pot offer! We have one, and I'll give it a try. When are you off to sunny FL? Betty and I are heading there Sunday, if I'm still alive by then.
Alice: 1000 mg vit C every hour or two? I'll give that a whirl too. I hope it's helping you...I'm sorry you've fallen under the cold spell for all your exciting stuff. Congrats and good luck with everything!
Deborah: I used to take Dayquil and it worked like a charm. Then something happened and I get queasy looking at the capsule. But it is good stuff!!
Ann: I hope you've recovered! And I hope I don't get to that point. It's terrible to try and write when your head's all foggy and thick.

Thanks everyone for all the good ideas and healing thoughts!

Sue Ann Jaffarian said...

Netti pots rock! And so does EmergenC or the generic of it. But if I'm really sick and stuffed up, I simply cannot write. The thoughts just won't come through the sludge. Feel better!