Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Docent Duty

by Kathleen Ernst

My husband Scott and I are recently back from our 4th stint as docents at Pottawatomie Lighthouse in Rock Island State Park, WI. 
lighthouse KAE SCM lilacs fullRock Island is situated off the northern tip of Door County in Lake Michigan, and Pottawatomie is the state’s oldest light station.
Lighthouse 12 125
The current lighthouse, built in 1858, was magnificently restored by the Friends of Rock Island in partnership with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.  It sits on top of a bluff on the northern end of Rock Island, over a mile from the boat landing and campground.  There are no roads on the island, and it takes two ferry rides to get there.
Lighthouse 12 151
As docents, we give tours to guests from 10 AM to 4 PM each day.  Since Scott and I both love history, and telling stories, it’s a great gig.  We’re also responsible for housekeeping chores.

Lighthouse 12 102
Otherwise, we get to live at the lighthouse.  How cool is that?

Lighthouse09.4 There’s no electricity or indoor plumbing.  (That’s Scott filling an Igloo at the old pump, in the rain.)  But we have a fridge and stove powered by bottled gas, and we get to sleep in the keepers’ bedroom.

Lighthouse 12 139
We have lots of quiet evenings.  Lots of time for an impressionable writer to ponder stories of long-gone keepers, and to imagine the lighthouse as it once was.

lighthouse twilight 09
lighthouse shadow
So it was pretty much inevitable that I would write a book about the lighthouse.

Lighthouse 11 085
In The Light Keeper’s Legacy (coming in October), my protagonist Chloe Ellefson is invited to serve as a guest curator at Pottawatomie Lighthouse.  She’s excited about the job and eager for some solitude in such a beautiful, remote place.  Needless to say, since this is a murder mystery, her time on Rock Island isn’t quite as peaceful as she’d hoped.
Lightkeepers cover reduced
 Writing the book let me explore some new personal issues for Chloe, who is struggling to figure out what she wants from life.  And it let me write an homage to the strong individuals who lived on Rock Island in the 19th century.  The Light Keeper referenced in the title is Emily Betts, a real  and totally awesome woman who served as Assistant Keeper at Pottawatomie.  (In the National Archives photo below, that’s Emily barely visible in the doorway.)
lighthouse Emily Betts NARA
 The book also showcases the complexities of managing natural resources over the years.  And it let me share a very special place with readers—some of whom will, I hope, decide to visit Rock Island and support ongoing restoration projects.

Lighthouse 021
 It doesn’t get much better than that.



Shannon Baker said...

That is very cool! Plus, I love saying Pottawatomie.

Beth Groundwater said...

Don't you look cute in your period dress, Kathleen! What an interesting experience. I'm looking forward to your release, too.

Anonymous said...

A great experience. I have requested The Light Keeper's Legecy for Kindle.

Sue Ann Jaffarian said...

Sounds like a wonderful experience! I wouldn't mind a few days of solitude out there. Wishing you great success on The Light Keeper's Legacy.

Kathleen Ernst said...

Thanks! One of the things I like best is being forced to "unplug" for the week. No electricity, and we can't get cell service.

Shannon, I like saying Pottawatomie too! Pottawatomie people once built signal fires on top of the bluff where the lighthouse now stands.