Friday, March 22, 2013

Greetings from Left Coast Crime!

I'm making no apologies for using this blogspot to showcase the many minkers and honorary minkers who're here at Left Coast Crime in Colorado Springs, hanging out, getting nominated for things, having the odd cocktail or two.

Here, in the nominee line-up for the Rocky - best mystery novel set in the LCC region (half the country, if anyone's asking me), are not one but two minkers, Darrell James and Beth Groundwater, along with Craig Johnson, Chuck Greaves and Margaret Coel.

One thing I love about LCC is their award categories.  Here are some of the nominees for the Lefty - the funniest mystery novel: Nancy West, Brad Parks, Laura Disilverio and known geezer Mike Befeler

And since her smile could light up the Rockies at night, here's Laura again:

There is an minker nominated in this category - Jess Lourey.  Here she is doing her fabled Terri Bischoff impersonation:
Another original category - my favourite, I think - is the Watson award, for best sidekick.  And here's LC Haydn, sidekickless as it happens, but unbowed.
Finally the nominees for the Bruce Alexander award for historical mysteries about the 1920s and 30s, set overseas and written by blonde Brits living in Northern California:
Niche?  We don't think so, Rhys Bowen and me.

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Shannon Baker said...

And a lovely time is being had by all--passive language not-with-standing! Thanks for posting, Catriona.