Monday, April 1, 2013

A Little Southern Witchcraft to Make You Foolish

by Jennifer Harlow

I recently, like today, just ended a fifty stop blog tour. During it I was asked to come up with a cocktail for this blog in honor of my latest release, What’s A Witch To DO? I thought, “Oh, that’ll be easy.” I come from a long line of drinkers, though that gene sadly passed me by, so since I was a child I’ve been mixing martinis and many varieties of rum punches. I even took a bartending class in college. But when it came time to become a chef, not just a cook, I was at a loss. What drink would best represent my main character, Mona McGregor and the sleepy Southern town Goodnight she calls home? What would she drink after a long day of crossing items off her endless “To Do” list? Like mixing a good magic potion, mixing a drink is all about balance and finding the correct ingredients that compliment one another. Much like finding the right man, huh?

Today, in honor of April Fool's Day, I'll share my creation. What I came up with is a variation on a Long Island Ice Tea that I’ll call, A Little Southern Witchcraft. One of the things to me that immediately brings to mind the good Ole’ South, besides painted porches and Spanish moss, is sweet tea. So I came up with a Long Island Ice Tea that could be transported to those painted porches. Here it is:

A Little Southern Witchcraft

½ oz Triple Sec
½ oz light rum
½ oz gin
½ oz Apeach Absolt Vodka
½ oz peach schnapps
1 oz Sweet and Sour Mix
A dash of cola
1 tablespoon Karo syrup

Rim a Tom Collins glass with sugar, stir, and serve over ice
Serves one

Happy drinking! And happy April Fool's Day! May the booze make you silly on the one day it's expected.


Beth Groundwater said...

A 50 stop blog tour?! I can't begin to imagine how much work that must have been. My hat's off to you, Jennifer!

And here's my latest favorite easy-to-make cocktail using a spirit from my local distillery:

1 shot Breckenridge Bitters
1 can Izze Sparkling Clementine

Pour over crushed ice and sip in the hot tub after skiing!

Jennifer Harlow said...

Sounds yummy