Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Not All Who Wander Are Lost (But some of us are)

by Shannon Baker

I met a Zen master on Sunday. At least, his business cards and bio listed Zen credentials all over the place. He acted very un-Zen-like, though, as he tried to do a hard sell on me to sign up for three to five sessions of meditation lessons for several hundred dollars. I did like the guy, though, and found him very interesting. He kept mentioning a personal My Favorites list consisting of favorite music, quotes, books, people, activities, food, places. He said everyone needs to generate this list and use it to help them find peace.

I don’t know about the whole list but I’ve always known what to do to make me feel better about life. Since I was seven years-old and Santa brought me my first Huffy, climbing on my bike and pedaling away always brings a smile.

Living along the Front Range in Colorado I’ve discovered another sure-fire way to bring me peace. Like Nora Abbott, the angst-ridden protagonist in my books, I love the mountains. So today, I said sayonara to revisions that are making me crazy. Adios to job applications and Linkedin. I strapped on my hiking boots, loaded up my pack and headed off to the trail.

I wanted to take you with me but you were all working so hard and I didn’t want to distract you. So I brought you back a bit of the mountains. Hope you enjoy!


Beth Groundwater said...

I, too, love venturing into the wild for some R&R when I need to "get away from it all." Thanks for that lovely video--reminds me why I live in Breckenridge! if I didn't have an interview with a newspaper reporter in an hour, I'd be heading off into the woods.

Shannon Baker said...

Apparently I'm a better hiker than a blogger. Someone said the video won't play because it's blocked or something. Ah well, take my word for it, spring run-off in the mountains is awesome.