Saturday, August 10, 2013


We Midnight Ink authors are extremely happy to share the news with readers that our backlist ebook titles have been quietly discounted!

Midnight Ink is bringing our ebook prices in line with an evolving industry standard for prices of traditionally published ebooks. As a quote in digitalbookworld says: "Ebook pricing seems to have settled somewhat in the past few weeks between $7.00 and $8.00. This week, the average price of a best-selling ebook is $7.59, up from $7.31 a week ago but down from $7.82 the week before that."

On Amazon, you'll find backlist Kindle ebook titles from Midnight Ink priced between $7.69 and $8.69. For a list of all the Midnight Ink titles available on Amazon, go HERE. The list is sorted by publication date, starting with books not yet released, but as you page down, you'll soon see the bargain-priced Kindle ebooks. New Amazon ebook releases are still priced around $9.99, but those prices should drop after the title has been out awhile.

The prices for Midnight Ink backlist ebooks on the Barnes and Noble website seem to be a bit more, from $8.99 to $10.49. Unfortunately, there's no way to search by publisher on the Barnes and Noble website, but for those of you who read NOOK books, you can find the titles you want in the Amazon list above, then search for the titles in the NOOK Book Store.

We hope Midnight Ink readers are as excited about these discounted prices as we are!


MackTheKnife said...

When the price gets to $3.99 or less, let me know. I am reluctant to spend that much on even my most favorite authors. Since these are backlist books thepublisher should have made his nut on them. Hopefully the authors are now getting at least a 50% royalty. There is little excuse for anything less. A $3.99 book has the potential to sell a lot more copies than a $7.99 book. But then there are as many opinions on ebook pricing as there are people following the industry. In any case, I wish the publisher and his authors the best of luck.

Austin Carr said...

I think MI heart's in the right place, but pricing seems to coming down a lot farther that $6 or $7. Why would readers take a chance on a new writer at $6 when they can try 6 new writers for 99 cents on BookBub, BookGorrilla, and others that are popping up. Truth is, giving new authors away looks like it's going to be the standard. Yikes!