Saturday, September 14, 2013

INKSPOT NEWS - September 14, 2013

From Thursday, September 19 - Sunday, September 22, several Midnight Ink authors will be appearing at the Bouchercon conference in Albany, NY. If you are attending, please stop by the following panels and signings to say hello!

Each night in the bar, some of the Midnight Ink authors will be ... well ... drinking in the bar.  Hope to see you! -- Ray Daniel, Jessie Chandler, Alice Loweecey, Colin Campbell, Catriona McPherson, Terri Nolan, G.M. Malliet, C.J. Carpenter

Thursday, September 19:

1:20—2:15 PM:  Panel in Room 6: You’re Only Human; Catriona McPherson

1:20 PM—2:15 PM:  Panel in Room 4: Storm Front; Terri Nolan

3:15— 4:00 PM:  Midnight Ink group signing at Mystery Mike's booth: Jessie Chandler, Pickle in the Middle Murder; Alice Loweecey, Veiled Threat; Colin Campbell, Jamaica Plain; Catriona McPherson, As She Left It; Terri Nolan, Burden of Truth

4:00 PM — 4:55 PM:  Panel in Room 4: No Man's Land - Breaking the Rules (Knox's 10 Commandments of Mystery Writing); G.M. Malliet

Friday, September 20:

9:30 —10:00 AM: Author's Choice in Room 5: Nuns and Cults and Shenanigans, Oh My!; Alice Loweecey

12:30 PM—1:25 PM:  Panel in Room 3: You Picked a Real Bad Time; Colin Campbell

1:30 PM:  G.M. Malliet signing in the Midnight Ink booth

1:50 PM—2:45 PM:  Panel in Room 2: Entertainer; Catriona McPherson

Saturday, September 21:

9:00 — 9:50 AM: Panel in Room 4: Streetlife Serenade: The Many Avenues of the PI, Alice Loweecey

10:20 AM—11:15 AM: Panel in Room 2: You May Be Right; Colin Campbell

3:10 PM—4:05 PM:  Panel in Room 7: Captain Jack; C.J. Carpenter, & Colin Campbell

Sunday, September 22:

9:00 AM—9:55 AM: Panel in Room 1: Don’t Ask Me Why; Jessie Chandler

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