Monday, April 7, 2014

Ideas and The Creative Process

by Linda O. Johnston

I enjoy blogging.  I also enjoy reading blogs with topics of interest to me.

That's one reason I'm having fun here at InkSpot. 

The author bloggers here have been hitting a lot on a subject that's dear to me: the creative process.  Those of us who write fiction find ideas everywhere.  Maybe too many ideas.  Maybe ideas that need to be fleshed out to turn into engaging stories.

I post at other blog spots, too, including weekly at Killer Hobbies.  I just happen to have focused last week on one of my favorite quotations.  If anyone knows where it originated, please let me know.  I'm only sorry that I didn't think of it first. 

What is it?  "Reality is only for those who lack imagination."

Oh, yes, we all live with reality.  We've got to deal with it daily.  Hourly.  Even minute by minute.  But we fiction writers can also find ways to use it in what we write.

Something fun?  By all means, find a way to work it into a story we're writing.

Something sad?  We can help ourselves deal with it by also working it into a story, but using it in a way that can help not only us get through it, but, hopefully, our readers in similar situations, too.

Something inspirational?  That's definitely something to try to include somewhere, in our fiction and even our blogs!

No matter what, those of us who write realize that our minds are always at work searching for, or fleshing out, ideas that expand our writing. 

Now, please excuse me.  Writing this gave me another idea that I need to jot down...!






Coming October 2014 - The first Superstition Mystery!

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Deborah Sharp said...

So true, Linda ... life -- the good and bad -- is fodder for our fiction. Good luck on the upcoming release!