Monday, July 7, 2014

The Joy of Writing

It feels a bit odd and sad to me indirectly following Deborah Sharp's wonderful farewell blog here on InkSpot.  I definitely wish her well.  And I hope she gets back to writing soon, if that's what works best for her.  If not, it's been fun InkSpotting with her!

Her post got me to thinking.  Would I ever do something similar, like saying goodbye, taking a hiatus from writing?

I don't think so.  In fact, I'm delighted to have a writing career since I never have to stop.  I can keep on making things up forever!

I did have several other careers in my life.  I started out in advertising and public relations, then went to law school.  My legal career lasted a long time, segueing from a law firm to an in-house counsel position, to doing projects for other attorneys.  Those projects dried up when the economy tanked.  I'd already become a published author by then, so rather than looking too hard for another full-time law job, I became a full-time writer.

And that's where I am today.  I'm delighted that my new Superstition Mysteries series will debut soon from Midnight Ink.  LOST UNDER A LADDER will be an October 2014 release.  I'm additionally working on a second series for MI, and am also still writing romances for two Harlequin series.

Which all means that I spend a lot of time writing.  Everyone has different goals in their lives, and mine usually include taking the many ways my imagination goes and sticking the most interesting stuff in stories.

But that's not right for everyone, and I recognize that.  I may feel thrilled and privileged to be a writer, but as with any kind of career, some people may love it and others not so much.

I'm just grateful for my imagination and for those who enjoy reading the results!

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