Monday, August 4, 2014

Where Are You?

... and I don't mean physically.  Well, okay, maybe I do.  Where you live certainly can affect the rest of your life.

But what I'm talking about is where are you in your life?  Have you figured out your goals?  How close are you to achieving them? 

Since I can't have an actual conversation with you on this blog (although I can somewhat if you comment, and I comment back), I'll talk about myself and let you chime in--mentally, if not physically.

I always wanted to write, even from the time I was a young kid.  Oh, I did fine in other classes in those days, but writing, in my English classes and otherwise, was my favorite thing.

And now, I can do it full time!

My earlier careers included running a small newspaper, working in an ad agency, and being a lawyer.  Guess what.  All of them involved writing.  And some of them even involved fiction writing... of sorts.  Hey, I've always said that writing contracts was another form of fiction!

So I've always been chasing my dream and now I'm accomplishing it.  I've been writing now for quite a few years, in fact.  My first Superstition Mystery, LOST UNDER A LADDER, will be an October release from Midnight Ink, and I'm also working on another mystery series for MI.  I additionally write romance for two Harlequin series.  And I've written a couple of other mystery series for Berkley Prime Crime.

Where am I?  Pretty much where I want to be.

And so I ask you again: where are you?

-- Posted by Linda O. Johnston  

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