Monday, September 1, 2014

Number One

--by Linda O. Johnston

Today is the first day of September, as well as Labor Day.  It's also the first Monday of the month, which is when I'm scheduled to post on InkSpot, so here I am.

Plus, it's the first day of the month before my first Midnight Ink book will be published, which will happen in October.  LOST UNDER A LADDER is additionally my first Superstition Mystery.


I'd say that today is Number One.

Because of my new mystery series, I've been doing a lot of research into superstitions.  There are quite a few of them involving numbers and how they relate to luck.   Some of the most well known involve the numbers three, seven and thirteen.  But that's not all of them.  There are superstitions regarding the number one as well.

What are they?  The number one is generally considered to be lucky except in China, since apparently the Chinese word for "one" sounds somewhat like the word for "loneliness." 

The number one is indivisible and the basis for all other numbers.  Number one is associated with new beginnings, new projects, new ideas, inspiration and confidence.

It's good luck to live in a house with the street number of one. Children born on the first day of the month are considered to be lucky. 

Hooray for number one! 

What will I be doing on this special day of One?  Writing, of course.  Right now, I'm working on the second Superstition Mystery.  Looks like I'd better learn whether there are any superstitions involved with the number Two!

Do you have any lucky numbers?


Beth Groundwater said...

Believe it or not, Linda, my lucky number is 13. ;-)

cyn209 said...

I like to think that 29 is my lucky number..........

Linda O. Johnston said...

I'm back from my trip now and can respond. I identify with what you said, Beth--I think 13 is lucky for me, too. I've never heard of 29 as a lucky number before, cyn209. Do you know why it works for you?