Monday, November 3, 2014

Switching Minds... Er, Gears

--by Linda O. Johnston

November 1 was the deadline for my second Superstition Mystery manuscript.  I sent it in on time--on October 31, in fact.  Halloween seemed to be an appropriate day for a Superstition Mystery.

Midnight Ink has already held a meeting about it even though it's not likely to be published until around a year from now,.  It'll be called KNOCK ON WOOD, which is quite appropriate to the story.  I also received an initial representation of the cover--very cute.

Will I stop writing till I need to start the manuscript for number three?  Not hardly! 

First, Midnight Ink is already starting to promote the initial book in the next mystery series I'm writing that they will publish: BITE THE BISCUIT, in the Barkery and Biscuits series.  Its release date is May 8, and the next book I'll write for Midnight Ink will be the second in that series.  Fortunately, my deadline for that one isn't till June, because I also write romances for a couple of Harlequin lines and have a February 1 deadline for the next one.

How do I switch gears from one mystery series to another?  Or, even more challenging, from mystery to romance and back? 

I admit it's a challenge.

But, hey, I like challenges.  At least now I don't have to switch from creating characters and a world and a murder one minute, to creating or negotiating real estate contracts the next.  I did that for many years when I was actively practicing law, too.  And in case I haven't mentioned it on InkSpot before, I always say that writing contracts is just another form of fiction.  But I'm officially inactive from the law now, a full-time writer.

I may be a bit nuts taking on so many writing deadlines and in different genres, but nearly everyone who writes has another life, too, so we all have to get used to switching one part of our mind off and switching another on.

So, it's time, mind of mine.  Switch!  And get ready for me to switch you in another direction soon.

And since I write the Superstition Mysteries, be warned that my fingers are crossed that you obey me... fast and often and always.

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