Monday, November 2, 2015

Still Knocking On Wood

--by Linda O. Johnston

It's November already, nearing the end of the year.  It's also the month after the publication of my latest Midnight Ink book, KNOCK ON WOOD, the second Superstition Mystery.

I was really busy letting the world know about KNOCK ON WOOD last month, going on blog tours and participating in Facebook events and even doing live workshops, signings and more. 

One of the most fun things was my participation in the cozy/noir smackdown at the NoHo Lit Crawl in North Hollywood, CA, where other authors of cozy mysteries and I read from our work to give examples of how cozy authors dealt with various topics.  Authors of noir mysteries did the same as if it was a competition.  Our topics included reading a good example from our work of what constitutes a cozy versus a noir, character introduction, death scenes and sex scenes.   Most of my examples came from the first Superstition Mystery LOST UNDER A LADDER, but one came from KNOCK ON WOOD.  It was a lot of fun, and the audience participated by voting.  I believe cozy came out on top but that really didn't matter.

Then there was my hour helping to host an online Facebook event: a Halloween Spooktacular, where I talked about Halloween and superstitions relating to that holiday as well as my books.

But now it's November, the month after publication.  Things have calmed down a bit although I'm still blogging and doing more to let people know about my stories.  Plus, I'm writing.  Heck, I never stop that, no matter when it is!

In fact, time to return to it now.  Have a happy November, everyone.


Unknown said...

This series of books are a perfect collection for those with superstitions. My mom had a few superstitions. She would have love these stories. I miss her. You have a good day.

Linda O. Johnston said...

Sorry I didn't respond earlier, Tressa, but I was traveling and had Internet problems. My condolences regarding your mom, and thanks so much for the nice comments!