Monday, November 21, 2016

Cover Me in Darkness ready to launch

In about two and a half weeks, my first book with Midnight Ink is going to launch. Cover Me in Darkness is scheduled to hit stores December 8. Friends who pre-ordered are telling me that Amazon is already shipping.

This is always an odd time for me as it is for a lot of authors. I'm filled with excitement, dread, wild hope, despair. Will the public love it? Hate it? Not care about it at all? All of that is possible. Right now, I'm mainly hopeful because of the reviews. Here's a smattering:

Library Journal (starred review):
Better known for her lighthearted chick lit and paranormal series, Rendahl, who also writes romantic suspense under the Eileen Carr pseudonym and cozies as Kristi Abbott, has penned a hard-to-put-down psychological thriller that also offers a nuanced look at a damaged woman.

Publisher's Weekly:

Pressure at work and home unexpectedly conjoin, driving emotionally fragile Amanda to the brink as the book builds to its melodramatic finish.

Bonus: They called it "disturbing."

Kirkus Reviews:

Unlikely allies drive a story in which Rendahl (Dead Letter Day, 2013, etc.) never lets her heroine escape her past.

Romantic Times:

Cover Me in Darkness appeals to mystery lovers with by starting off with a puzzling suicide to keep readers rapt.

ForeWord Reviews:

Cover Me in Darkness is about family, loyalty, and trust. Rendahl’s writing is light and sharp, perfect for a story that moves quickly—from initial crime to deep investigation—while handling intense subject material.

So, yeah, hopeful, but still nervous.


Edith Maxwell said...

Congratulations! I look forward to reading this. Great reviews, too!

Eileen said...

Thanks, Edith!

Kirsten Weiss said...

This looks fantastic! Congratulations!

Keith Raffel said...

Eileen, no better time than now. Anything can happen! Let your dreams take flight. The very best of good luck to you! Keith