Monday, January 2, 2017

New Years Resolutions

by Linda O. Johnston

Happy New Year everyone!  It's the second day of 2017 already, the year's first Monday, and I get to post here at InkSpot.

What am I thinking about this early in the new year?  Well, writing, for one thing, as I always do.  And my New Years' Resolutions?  Not much different from other years:  Write lots, write well, enjoy it all and have fun letting people know about the published stuff.

I'm also considering what my protagonists' resolutions would be.  First, Rory Chasen, of my Superstition Mysteries, would undoubtedly resolve to do the best she can to continue to learn the reality of superstitions.  She might also resolve to stop figuring out who the murderers are when someone is killed in her adopted town of Destiny, California.  She did so most recently in her third story UNLUCKY CHARMS, published in October 2016, where she was the unlucky one suspected of murder.  Of course she would also resolve to continue to do a great job of running the Lucky Dog Boutique and taking good care of her beloved lucky black and white dog Pluckie.  And what about her relationship with Chief Justin Halbertson of the Destiny Police Department?  I'm sure she'd resolve to continue it and see where it leads in the future.

Then there's Carrie Kennersly of my Barkery & Biscuits Mysteries.  She started as a veterinary technician and of course each year she undoubtedly resolves to do the best job possible in helping the veterinarians at the Knobcone Heights Veterinary Hospital, especially Dr. Reed Storme, with whom she has been forming a romantic relationship.  First and foremost is helping to save all the animals she can. 

Plus, Carrie's newest and most beloved venture is owning and running the two bakeries in town, Icing on the Cake, where human treats are baked and sold, and Barkery and Biscuits, where the healthful canine treats Carrie developed as a vet tech are baked and sold.  Her resolutions regarding the shops would involve making sure only the best and tastiest treats are created and made available to people or pets, as appropriate.  No need to do a resolution about taking great care of her adored dog Biscuit since she does that anyway.  But there's also that little thing about solving murders, since she does it, too.  I believe she's aware that her third adventure of that type, BAD TO THE BONE, will be published in May 2017.  Will she want to continue figuring out those answers?  Well, I suspect she'll need to resolve to continue to help any friends or relatives accused of murder in the future.  Like it or not, she's gotten quite skilled at it.  But she is a busy lady with the jobs she has chosen, and solving murders keeps her even busier.

Anyway, I wish the best for you in 2017.  And make sure your New Year's resolutions including having a wonderful year!

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