Monday, March 20, 2017

Coming in Hot

Eileen here! I'm in the last stages of finishing a book, which is good since it's due in about two weeks. I'm a little farther behind than I'd like to be, but it's all still doable while still taking the occasional shower and eating something besides potato chips and M&Ms.

There's a wonderful kind of madness for me at this point in a book. It's all coming together. In fact, most of the scenes are written. Unfortunately, they're not in order and there are damn few transitions from one scene to the next and there are also those scenes that are all dialogue between characters without tags or descriptions. It always reads like it's two people talking in a white room with no furniture. Still I get a little elated when I realize what scene needs to come next and that I've already written it. It's just a matter of finding it in my crazy long document and plunking it into place. And getting my heroine there and making sure she looks like something and is wearing clothes and stuff. And that she moves something besides her eyebrows and shoulders (seriously, what is my obsession with people furrowing brows, raising eyebrows, and shrugging?).

Sometimes I'll look up at the end of a day writing and feel like I've been driving at breakneck speeds over winding roads with my hair on fire. It's that kind of experience as I negotiate red herrings and plot twists and placing clues and emotional development in my character and establishing the little town she lives in and and and . . .

So wish me luck! I'm going in and I'm going in hot.

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