Thursday, April 12, 2018

Seven Sinister Sisters on Genres

Edith Maxwell/Maddie Day here. The Seven Sinister Sisters are on a blog tour and we're giving away books! We are seven authors with new books coming out this winter and spring, and we've been guest blogging all over cyberspace since January. You can see where we've been and where we're still scheduled on our Facebook page.

I asked everyone to answer the following question: If you could write in another genre, what would it be? Here are our answers in no particular order.

Edith Maxwell: I would love to try my hand at science fiction. I used to read a lot of it, especially the fabulous late Ursula LeGuin. But right now I have my hands full writing two cozy mystery series and one historical, so sci fi is going to have to take a back seat.

Sue Star: I already do.  I write science fiction and fantasy as Rebecca S.W. Bates, magical realism as Cameron Kennedy, and horror as Minta Monroe. Growing up, I always dreamed of becoming an astronaut. I chose a different path, learning that it’s more fun to make up adventures. Building other worlds, whether realistic or fantastic ones, appeals to me, as I have faith that justice will be served and humanity will find a way to survive. Although I started my writing career with science fiction, now I spend equal time writing both. 

Becky Clark: Erotica. I hear that's where the money is. But since I'm a puritanical straitlaced prude, I think it might not keep me in the lap of luxury to which I've become accustomed. So I'll change my answer to "middle-grade romps." I may be a prude, but I punch above my weight with playground fart jokes. I'd still write mysteries, though, because I believe every single story is actually a mystery, whether they call it that or not. No matter what, there's always some story question that needs to be resolved.

Our next stop on the tour is April 18 on the Chicks on the Case blog. Here's where you can find each of us in the meantime:

To celebrate our new releases, the Seven Sinister Sisters are having a giveaway!
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Enter to win by leaving a comment. Our tour runs from January 6th to April 30th and we’re answering a different question at each blog. Leave a comment at each blog for more entries! We’ll draw the winner from all the combined comments at the end of our tour.

Readers: What genres do you like to read? Which won't you go near?

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Laurie I said...

I chuckled at some of those answers. LOL.
My favorite genres are women’s fiction, contemporary fiction, mystery (cozy, suspense, thriller), historical fiction, true crime. I won’t go anywhere near erotica.