Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Goodbye to Kelly "Legs" Hailstone

by Sue Ann Jaffarian

I want to use my turn at blogging today to say goodbye to someone who has been very important to me over the past couple of years –Kelly Hailstone of Midnight Ink. Thursday, June 6, is Kelly’s last day at Midnight Ink and her last day as my publicist. She is moving on to become an editor at another organization.

I have never met Kelly in person, but I’d like to think we became friends during the past few years via e-mail. I’ve never seen a photograph of her, but was once told those are her legs pictured on the cover of Scoop by Kit Frazier.

One of the things I loved most about Kelly was how diligently she worked on behalf of me and my books, always thinking of new places to obtain reviews and following-up on my requests to send ARCs to people of interest, and all with a very cheerful and can-do attitude. She was an important part of “Team Odelia” – an important part of the machine that kept my books buzzing in the public eye – and she will be sorely missed.

So good bye and good luck, dear girl. And thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done for me and my career as an author.


In response to this posting, Kelly sent me the photo below which was taken at a Llewellyn/Midnight Ink Halloween event last year. Most authors never get to see or meet the folks who work for them behind the scenes, so here's a sneak peek.

(l-r) Suzy (black hat/Debbie Gibson), Jennifer (black/purple hair), Brian in the red Devo hat, Alison is in the front (red hair/pink skirt/Cyndi Lauper), Kelly (Madonna), Sara Collison (Spanish publicist/Alice Cooper).


Mark Terry said...

Thus confirming what I've suspected all along...

Candy Calvert said...

Ah, yes, me too: a big cyber hug to Kelly! She's been a fabulous publicist-- how can I not love the woman who gave an astute "thumbs up" (complete with heavy breathing) vote to having my series' hero resemble Matthew MacConaughey??

All the best to Kelly "Legs" Hailstone!!!


Tim Maleeny said...

I thought those were Kelly's legs...thanks, Sue Ann, for celebrating someone who worked so tirelessly for so many of us. Kelly helped me navigate the confusing world of book publicity and was incredibly collaborative right from the start, something every new author needs but rarely gets. Congrats, Kelly. I have no doubt you'll kick ass at your new gig.

Anonymous said...

Must be great to have a publicist who actually does SOMETHING on your behalf. So many published authors do it all themselves with no support from their so-called "publicists" beyond a few ARCs sent out in search of reviews. Period.

I'm one such author. My so-called publicist (the fourth I've had at the house that publishes my books) is the worst I've ever had. Beyond overworked, this person is just plain hostile and nonresponsive: doesn't answer most emails and actually posts a personal blog bashing author clients. 'Tis true! My family and friends read this blog for yucks and tease me about my "mentally ill publicist." So, to the Kelly Hailstones of the world: You are a rare gem! For the sake of writers assigned to you, may your successor be one, too.