Saturday, June 2, 2007

InkSpot News - 2 June 2007

Ice In His Veins, a Nicky D'Amico Mystery by CHUCK ZITO is now out.

Nicky D’Amico has returned to New York to get his life in order while working on The Good Company’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. An all-male cast is a little unorthodox, but Nicky’s thrilled about working with some of his old college friends. Debuting mid-winter, Nicky’s Shakespearean vision goes quickly from dream to nightmare when one of the actors is found dead behind the theater.

The show must go on, but with someone hiding liquor bottles all over the set, more than one diva with an untrustworthy entourage, and two cute guys vying for his affections, Nicky has his hands full. Everyone is a suspect, and Nicky must figure out who the killer is—before it’s curtains for another cast member.

It’s Whiskey and Tonic time. NINA WRIGHT’s third mystery in this hilarious series is now available. . . .

Everybody in Magnet Springs is in on the not-so-secret curse of the Miss Blossom pageant. Everybody, that is, except Whiskey Mattimoe—full-time real estate agent, part-time sleuth, and long-suffering owner of Abra the felonious Afghan hound. As usual, Whiskey's a little distracted.

Any hope that Abra has reformed her purse-snatching ways is dashed when the dog disappears with the priceless Miss Blossom tiara, an heirloom insured for more than Whiskey’s net worth.

But that’s not the worst news. Whiskey discovers that every Miss Blossom must leave town . . . or die. Someone attacks the new beauty queen, who happens to work at Mattimoe Realty; then last year's winner is murdered.

Before Miss Blossom is pushing up daisies, Whiskey must find her dog, the tiara, and a cold-blooded killer--plus manage a house full of stray cats!

Read what Publishers Weekly says about Nina Wright’s latest book


Anonymous said...

Very cool news, Nina and Chuck!

I love BOTH those series! All best with the latest installments--and keep writing.... You have fans.

Nina Wright said...

Thank you, Lee. I remember meeting you at Bouchercon! All best to you.


Bill Cameron said...

Me too, lee! My reading pile just keeps getting bigger, but fortunately I have some airplane time this summer! Woot for reading!