Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Season

This season I am feeling more like Scrooge than Santa. The hustle and bustle, the jammed traffic, the packed stores, the unpacking in the new house, the pared down income so I have more time to write, and the DEADLINE! Yikes. Deadlines drive me nuts by themselves, now bundle that with the holiday season and sipping wine in the evening just doesn’t cut it. Maybe I should start the day with a bloody mary or a mimosa.

My roots are gray and have grown out about 2 inches, my pedicure is way overdue, and my nails are chewed to the quick. I don’t see any time in the immediate future to get my hair colored and cut, or my toes painted and nails filed and buffed. And hey, it’s much easier to pick up Burger King or order a pizza than prepare something healthy. So, like my hair, nails, and toes, the diet will just have to wait until the new year. The fat will keep me warm this winter anyway. I can find an excuse for anything. But come January 1, all that will change . . . well maybe January 2, after all I’ll be up late on December 31 and might be too tired to usher in changes in lifestyle the next morning. So, January 2nd it is. I’ll get up early and walk, eat a small bowl of oatmeal with soy milk, write until noon, make a salad for lunch and drink green tea, go to the spa, get a massage, pedicure, and manicure, return to the computer to write, formulate a dynamite marketing plan, eat something vegetarian for dinner, relax with my hubby, get a good night’s sleep. Then on to January 3rd. Yep, that sounds like a plan. What do you think?


Felicia Donovan said...

Lynn, you know what the people on the Titanic said, right? "Darn, I wish I'd never passed up that dessert tray!"

I say live today with gusto and forget about tomorrow. Or, as the sign in my office says, "Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself."

But I do wish you (and the rest of us) a Healthy and Happy New Year.

Keith Raffel said...

No pedicure for me though the green tea and writing sound good! I've promised I'm going to start writing like a demon on January 3 as well.

Mark Combes said...

Lynn, we call it "putting on the bear" up here in the great white north. You need that extra insulation to get you through the winter. It doesn't matter if you are in Florida or Wisconsin - embrace the bear!

Sue Ann Jaffarian said...

Lynn, add to what you described working 10-12 hr days at a law firm and remove the hubby and you and I are living the same life right now (though I did make time for a haircut and color last week).

Tomorrow I embark on a 3-day cruise and today I'm wishing I had never scheduled it! And, Felicia, I damn well do not intend to pass up the dessert tray once I'm on the ship!

But no matter what, we'll get through it all and come out the other side on January 3rd ready to do it all over again. In that I have confidence.

Happy Holidays and Happy Deadlines to All!

G.M. Malliet said...

Actually, the spa sounds good, especially the massage. Why wait? Otherwise, all resolutions should definitely wait for January 2 to kick in. (The one where I walk a mile before breakfast has waited this long - so what's the rush?)

I already exist on iced green tea, but I happen to like it.

Nina Wright said...

What a fun post, Lynn!

Personally I recommend more spa and less soy for 2008.

And somehow we'll all get our stories written.

But let's be a little kinder to ourselves next year. That's my toast. Seriously.


Mark Terry said...

Well, I've completed all the projects I'm likely to in 2007, so for the next 2 days I'm unofficially on vacation (meaning I'm dicking around at my desk and not actually getting anything done), then I'm officially on vacation until January 2, when I know I have to dig in, write 3 white papers, a magazine article, start in on the book-length business report I'm contracted to write and whatever else comes along.

Take a deep breath, Lynn. This time of year can kill you if you don't.

Happy Holidays & a terrific New Year to everybody.

Candy Calvert said...

Now . . . if only Burger King did drive-through pedicures and root dye-jobs. But then, that might be a scary way to get a french fry up your nose!

Seriously, sometimes we need to remind each other to take a deep breath and not push ourselves to be unrealistically "good" or disciplined or flawlessly pulled together.
I've just signed up for an Artist's Way workshop in January (it seems I'm the only one who has never done this), and part of the lure was the concept of treating myself to "art dates." Way better than drive through hair color. ;-)

jbstanley said...

I'm with you on that massage, girl. I'm trying one of those hot stone ones on Jan 3rd. Of course, it's to help me think so I can get over the hurdle in my current ms and not to celebrate, so I hope those costly rocks do the trick. Enjoy yourself and indulge. You've worked hard this year!

Joanna Campbell Slan said...


Just read something in the NYT about how after exercise people were more creative. Maybe if you can tear yourself might help.