Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Coming Up for Air

Whew. I’m finished. Okay, maybe not finished, finished, but pretty damn close to finished. I’ve finished the second book in the Phil Riley series.

It’s a pretty good feeling actually. Being able to settle back in the chair, nod the head at the computer screen and say to yourself, yeah, that will work. Okay, some touches here and there. Oh yeah, gotta change her hair color to keep it consistent, but yeah, this will work.
So there you go.
But the smile fades as you slowly come to the realization you aren’t finished.
Not by a long shot.
Remember that idea that’s been pin balling around in your head? Yeah that one. Better get started on it while the idea still seems good. Okay, okay. I’ll start next week. Give my self a little vacation from the writing gig. But right now, I’ll create a new folder to store the chapters for that new novel. Oh, I’ve got a couple more minutes before I really should go to bed. I’ll put in the headers and footers. Well hell, while I’m at it….
It’s grinding cycle. I’m like that Hawksbill turtle that occasionally needs to surface for air but also must live underwater to survive. I know my time at the surface is limited. My time for a breather is limited. My time away from writing is limited.
So I take a quick peek at the clouds, maybe roll my face toward the warming sun, Then, like that turtle, I take a big gulp of air and head back down to the reef.
It’s what writers do.


Nina Wright said...

You summed up the writer's life just right, Mark.

Let's enjoy that warming sun any chance we get....

Oh--and congrats on finishing Number Two!


Rick Bylina said...

And dude, like, I hope you get to ride the great current and coast for a while. It's so bitchin'.

G.M. Malliet said...

It never stops, does it?

But you're getting to do what you always most wanted to do, right? How lucky is that?

Mark Terry said...

I've been a grinder for years, pretty much starting the next novel the day after I finished the last one. Compulsive, I guess.

This year I didn't for a variety of reasons, taking a break of a couple weeks before going back to work on one of my projects and starting something new, although I'm not sure the "something new" is working out. I'm kind of auditioning story ideas at the moment.

Sue Ann Jaffarian said...

Perfect post, Mark. And I loved the photo.

Just yesterday, the turtle known as Sue Ann submerged once again after taking a week to sun and gulp fresh air.


Joanna Campbell Slan said...


I always find it amazing how much work there is to do after you type "the end." Sometimes I think this is really such a marathon...you just can't sprint through writing a book, can you?

Bill Cameron said...

I just can't wait to read it.