Monday, June 30, 2008

The Arkansas 11

Tom Schreck
author of TKO

As you all know I got a thing for basset hounds.

A week or so ago one of those bastards that operates a puppy mill in Arkansas called a local basset rescue group, told them he was getting out of the business and they better get over to get the 11 hounds within a week or "he'd take care of them."

Translation: he'd kill them.

The Ozark Mountain Basset Rescue was filled up because, being in Arkansas where puppy mills flourish, they are always filled up with abused and neglected hounds.

This is where the story gets good.

The Ozark Basset Folks called the New York Basset Rescue known as All Bassets Cherished. ABC is made up of committed people who don't mess around--especially when someone's mean to a basset hound. They don't hesitate, they don't ask what it's going to cost, they just act.

In 48 hours they had foster homes for the 11 hounds and a couple ABC members were in a truck headed to Arkansas.

They got the hounds and took them to the vet where they were treated for all sorts of neglect--one little guy had to have an eye removed-- and the bassets were all spayed an neutered.

So far the bills are over $3,000 and they aren't done yet.

The hounds are all safely in New York foster homes where undoubtedly they are sitting on the furniture. They've probably all have stolen something off the kitchen counter.

And I bet not a single one has been scolded yet.

ABC is selling autographed copies of my books and I'm giving the cash (even what the books cost me and the shipping) to the Arkansas 11.

Go to and hit "Donate Now" and send them money. If you feel like it buy my silly books.

What are basset hounds like?

Bassets don't do anything you tell them.
They smell kind of houndy.
They bark too much.
They'll eat your furniture.

and they'll love you unconditionally.

If you pay attention they'll teach you to not focus on material things and to get over your own self absorption.

That's what they are good for. That and they make you laugh like hell.

And as for that puppymill guy back in Arkansas, well, I guess I'm glad he's out of the business.

I'll tell you what though--he doesn't deserve to be called a son-of-a-bitch.


Mark Combes said...

What makes a guy like that tick? A guy that would let animals suffer? You don't want to do the breeding thing in a proper way, find some other way to make a buck.

A heart full of holes. The dude's got a heart full of holes.

Felicia Donovan said...

Tom, you old softie. So much for the tough guy image...

God bless all of the animal rescue people who work tirelessly on behalf of animals in need. Two of mine are rescues. One barks and one marks, but I think of where and what they came from and am grateful they found a happy and safe home. Betcha they are, too.

Now everybody get over to and help out!

Sue Ann Jaffarian said...

Great post, Tom. I'll link it to my blog today and help get the word out.

My cats were rescued from the pound by the folks I originally got them from. When they couldn't take them with them when they moved, they placed an ad on Craig's List, which I answered. Pets ARE NOT disposable, they ARE recyclable. There is almost always a good home they can go to when the need arises if people take the time to get the word out.

And people like that puppy mill owner should be shut up in a kennel with bad water, skimpy food, no healthcare, and beaten regularly.