Friday, June 13, 2008



Tom Schreck

A big part of marketing your book is the blurb and the review. You get people to say nice things about your book and then you paste them all over the cover, your website, posters and emails.

I’ve been lucky and have gotten some nice blurbs from reviewers that I didn’t even ask for.

Here’s a few:

Fresh, intense and funny, Schreck’s second mystery packs a knockout punch.

Publisher’s Weekly

Refreshingly Iconoclastic…

(not sure what that means)
It’s better than his first book and I LOVED “On the Ropes!”
Jon Jordan, Crimespree Magazine

Then you awkwardly ask more successful authors than you to read the book and write something. I am amazed at how generous some writers are with their time. Here’s some of those:

I never wished to be a fictional character before but by God I want to be Duffy.

Edgar nominee, Ken Bruen

Schreck is a contender for the funniest writer in the mystery genre today.

Anthony award nominee, William Kent Krueger

"TKO is fast-paced, authentic, and funny as hell."

Anthony Award nominee, Sean Chercover

“Schreck is a major new talent, and Duffy has my vote for the best new character in mystery fiction.”

JA Konrath, author of Fuzzy Navel

I’m sure glad I bought these guys a lot of drinks at conferences.

I am incredible grateful for the nice things authors and reviewers have said about Duffy. They were very kind.

Having said that there were blurbs that I didn’t get that I wanted and this is how I wished they came out.

Now that’s suspense. I’ve read Schreck and I’ve decided to quit writing because his talent makes me feel so small. The money I’ve made is rightfully his.

James Patterson

Duffy would kick Harry’s wimpy little ass.

JK Rowling

TKO is so good it’s scary.

Stephen King

God, how I’d like to see TKO and On the Ropes in screenplay form. How do I get a hold of Schreck?

Steven Spielberg

I liked it because most of the words were small.

President George W. Bush

Schreck is like, soooo hot.

Jennifer Aniston

I wish I had written Duffy. In fact I might.

James Frey

Duffy is a not just a great mystery. It is a spiritual guide to how to live your life and I think all my viewers should buy three copies of each of Schreck’s books.

Oprah Winfrey

The guy can write but I’ve seen him in the ring and it just frightened me.

Mike Tyson

Duffy Rocks. Red, send that boy an El Dorado.

Elvis Presley

Hey, tomorrow night is the launch party for TKO. It's at Albany's famous dive, The Orchard. Johnny Raab and the Jailhouse Rockers are playing and the drinks are on me. If you want to be able to decipher what I write in your copy get there early. It gets started around 6:30


Sue Ann Jaffarian said...

Boy, wish I could be there for your launch, sounds great! Guess, I'll have to settle for the unsigned copy I purchased from Amazon.

Knock 'em Dead!

Joe Moore said...

You really need to move past this Jennifer Aniston thing and get on with your life. Best of luck with TKO. Wish I could be there to see you knock 'em dead.

Mark Terry said...

What, Konrath didn't say something about sex in your blurb? Are you sure you didn't make that one up? I mean, in mine, he said you'd forget sex.

Well, maybe not with that photo of Jennifer floating around.

G.M. Malliet said...

Tom - Re. the thing with Jennifer: It's over, man. Time to move on.

p.s. This is one launch party I am sorry to miss.

Tom Schreck said...

see..I think me and Jenn...oh never mind

Mark Combes said...

I don't know Tom, Jen tends to go for the musician types not the boxing types. But now that Eva Mendes, she goes for those sensitive beach bum writers with receding hairlines.

Isn't it wonderful living in a fantasy life?

jbstanley said...

I believe John Mayer may be moving in on your woman. You may have to close your laptop, forget about boxing, and start plucking the guitar strings.

But before you retire early from such a promising career, could you send me Oprah's contact info?

Congrats on the reviews!