Thursday, February 17, 2011

Right Brain or Left?

AOL posted a ten question quiz to determine if you’re a right brain or a left brain thinker — then a few jobs to consider based on your results.

I took the quiz and discovered I’m an even split. No wonder I never chose a career, just a college major. The rest was serendipity.

I’ve worked in human resources…and in sales/marketing. But I think I could have been happy as a grant writer…or a librarian. Left, right. Right, left.

No wonder I’m never totally satisfied with any career. But I like writing fiction and making things up as I go. So, right brain thinker, right?!?

For fun, take the quiz and share your results. After I took the quiz, I offered to do some grant writing on a volunteer basis just to see if I like it. Maybe the quiz will give you some new ideas, too. Overall, how useful do you think this type of quiz is?

Here’s the link:"


Dru said...

According to the quiz, I'm a left brain thinker with some right-brain tendency.

N. R. Williams said...

I think these things are entertaining but not much use in telling you who you are. At least that is my experience.
N. R. Williams, fantasy author

Alan Orloff said...

I had 7 left-brain answers and 3 right-brainers. Not sure what that means. Most of the time I daydream anyway.

Darrell James said...

That was fun... I was slit 6-4 as a Right-Brainer. I've always thought writing fiction took a good balance of both right and left. It's creative and imaginative, but also requires a lot of detail work, decision making, and problem solving.

Fun post, Lisa!

Lisa Bork said...

So, Dru and Alan more left brain, Darrell slightly more right.

Darrell, it's true, writing does take a balance of skills.

Nancy, it is more fun than informative or useful in my opinion, too.

G.M. Malliet said...

I'm all over the map here. Some of these I could answer yes AND no. I don't want to think too much about what that could mean ;-)

Alice Loweecey said...

Even split for me too. Probably why, in HS, I always scored "99-Other" on those career tests!

Lisa Bork said...

Gin - Hmm, not sure what means either.

Alice - Another split personality, tee hee.

This test isn't proving to be very conclusive, is it?