Friday, February 18, 2011

A Very Cold Week in Steamboat Springs

I just love living in Colorado! Along with whitewater rafting, hiking, and biking in the summer, I enjoy skiing in the winter. And, I get to write about those activities in my mysteries (skiing is in To Hell in a Handbasket). Recently my husband and I spent a week in Steamboat Springs with another couple who are long-term, close friends and avid skiers like ourselves. Here, Neil (in the beard) and I flank our friends.

We had great conditions the first two days, Sunday and Monday. We even found some fresh powder to track up and did some tree skiing. We took an excellent free tour of the mountain on Sunday with our ski ambassador, Don, to get oriented.

Then the temperatures plunged below zero, which is my lower limit for when I'll go out skiing. So, Tuesday, when it was below -20, we all stayed inside in the condo, and I stayed in Wednesday also. The other three ventured out Wednesday afternoon when the thermometer inched above -10 degrees. During the time I stayed in, I was able to write some of the posts for my Virtual Book Tour for Deadly Currents, which will take place in March.

By Thursday, it had warmed up to above zero and we were all out on the slopes again. That day, Billy Kidd (in red below), a former Olympic medal winner and director of skiing at Steamboat Springs, taught a clinic, and we listened in. We finished off our last day of skiing on Friday with a stroll through town that evening to see the exhibits featured in the First Friday Art Walk. We sampled the food, beer & wine, too!

It was a great week and great fun. Where was your most recent vacation? Would you recommend it? During these doldrums of winter, let's share stories of fun and/or sunny places!


Lisa Bork said...

Beth, everytime I read about what you've been up to, I feel like I'm standing still.

Our vacation is coming up rapidly. We're going to Sedona this year. Can't wait!

G.M. Malliet said...

Went to the Caribbean in January and loved it. Wish I could still ski but I was never any good and I guess that is not a condition that improves if you don't practice.

G.M. Malliet said...

p.s. And the lifts just scare the heck out of me.

Beth Groundwater said...

Cool, Lisa! Are you going to find some of the vortexes and see if you feel anything? I did that when we went to Sedona, and sorry to say, I only felt the pleasure and peace that comes from spending quiet time in a beautiful, natural setting.

Did you go to one island, or on a cruise, G.M.? My husband and I took a 2-week cruise to the Caribbean in January a while back, and we felt like youngsters compared to most of the passengers on the ship. People were complaining about the number of wheelchairs left out in the passageways! The islands were all beautiful, though. I definitely want to go back and spend a week exploring the US Virgin Islands and another week exploring the Grenadines.

And, G.M., riding a lift UP the mountain, where the ground approaches you, is a lot less scary than riding one DONW the mountain, where the ground falls away. When I've needed to "download,' I usually put down the safety bar.

G.M. Malliet said...

I've actually fallen off a lift - just dropped a few feet and rolled around a bit before coming to a stop. I wasn't hurt - snow isn't like falling on concrete - but the look of fear on my husband's face convinced me I had better not try to make a career of this particular sport.

I've also skied down an entire mountain on my butt because I couldn't figure out how to stop. Not a pretty sight.

The cruise was a nice intro to the area - many older people. Which is why I want to travel as much as possible NOW.

Darrell James said...

Beth- I hate to admit how long it's been since we went on a real vacation. Our travel these days always seems to center around book conferences and events. Maybe it's time.

Did travel with my daughter up to Sequoia and across to the central California coast to visit the Hearst Castle.

Be assured when we do vacation it's not below zero where we go. We're strictly fair weather play babies.

Beth Groundwater said...

I agree that it's about time you went on a real vacation, though that California coastal trip sounds nice. The sequoia trees are so stately and gorgeous!

Been there, done that! I've slid down Horseshoe Bowl on my butt at Breckenridge. Thank goodness there weren't any obstacles in the way before it leveled out and I skidded to a stop just shy of a bush sticking out of the snow at the bottom.

Cricket McRae said...

Colorado has so many outdoor recreational options. But I have family in Steamboat Springs, and they are sick to death of the cold cold cold! I stick with back country skiing for the most part, and haven't even managed to get out and do that this year. I'm off to Savannah next week for a little vacay, though.

Beth Groundwater said...

Have fun in Savannah, Cricket! And winter's a great time to visit--less heat & humidity. :)