Monday, February 13, 2012

What’s So Funny?

by Alan

I’ve blogged before about my stand-up shtick, but here’s a recap of my recent DEADLY CAMPAIGN launch party, in pictures:

Launch 14

Me and my larger-than-life book



Launch 12

Me trying to lead the group in Simon Says



Launch 3

Bookmarks for all!


Launch 10

At least someone thinks my stuff is funny


Launch 5

Standing room only - I guess they heard about the free cake!


Deadly Campaing cake

And speaking of the cake, it was the funniest thing of the afternoon!

(Look closely…)


Shannon Baker said...

What's a little "n" "g" among friends? Looks like a super book launch. Congratulations!

Vicki Doudera said...

Too funny! Glad it didn't raing at your booksigning thaing!

Lois Winston said...

Now if someone could just invent Spellcheck for bakers!

Jennifer ~ Can't Put It Down Review Blog said...

Eh, well at least they spelled your name right!

Looks like an awesome turnout. Lucky folks!

Sue Ann Jaffarian said...

Congratulations on the launch. Sure you didn't have them misspell the name on the cake for laugh value? :)

Alan Orloff said...

Shannon - Thanks! When I saw the cake, the first thing I did was check my book covers to make sure MI had it right!

Vicki - Hmm. Do you moonlight at Costco bakery?

Lois - Either that, or Costco Bakery should hire a copyeditor.

Jennifer - Yeah, and the cake tasted pretty good, too. So I guess I shouldn't be too picky...

Sue Ann - You know, I thought some people might think that, so in the photo (if you look carefully), I included the original order form where "campaign" is spelled the traditional g-before-n way!

Robin Allen said...

In Spanish, campa means "it stands out," so maybe it was a secret blessing from the Costco baker that your book would be campa-ing.

Congrats on the big launch!

Anonymous said...

Alan - Thanks for sharing this. And congratulations, too! Deadly Campagin/Campaing/Oh, whatever!! is really a terrific book and I'm so glad it's launched well. I know I enjoyed reading it very much.

Kathleen Ernst said...

Congrats on the release--and the SRO crowd! In another writers' group I belonged to, we had a big event and reception and the note to the baker included the instruction "(all caps)" And yes, "(all caps)" was carefully piped onto the cake.

At least with your topic you could work it to your advantage!

Keith Raffel said...

Big congrats, Alan!


P.S. So where did you go camping?

Alan Orloff said...

Robin - Thanks! I was never very good in languages. I have enough trouble with English!

Margot - Thanks! Or thakns!

Kathleen - Thanks! ALL CAPS, now that is *really* funny!

Keith - Thanks! Campaing isn't my thign.

Linda Hull said...

Congrast Alna! It's easy once you get the hang of it!

Unknown said...

Hey, nice start to your marketing campaing :-) Fun blog, Alan!

Deborah Sharp said...

I'm lauhging out loud, Alan. Lots of fun, and congrats on the launch. See you at Malice, I hope.