Monday, March 21, 2016

Keeping the Voices Straight

So I'm here as Eileen Rendahl, author of urban fantasy, chick lit, and suspense novels. Earlier this month, however, my first book as Kristi Abbott was released by Berkley Prime Crime. Kristi writes a cozy mystery series set in northern Ohio about a woman who runs a gourmet popcorn shop and has a poodle as a sidekick. If it sounds a little weird to have me talk about Kristi in the third person as if she's not me, you're right.

At the book signing I had for Kernel of Truth (get it? Kernel of Truth set in a popcorn shop?), someone *cough Spring Warren cough* asked me how it felt to be writing in so many genres. I answered that I occasionally had trouble keeping all the voices straight and then realized how crazy that made me sound. Sometimes it feels even crazier than that.

The truth is, though, I was already crazy. Want to know how crazy? You may want to scroll down to see my description of the craziest thing I've ever done. To be honest, though, even though I may be crazy, writing in several different genres is probably one of the things that keeps me the most sane.

I will totally cop to being moody and also to being (like most people) a multi-faceted individual. I have days where I want to be funny and light and days when I want to be broody and dark. It's an honor and a privilege to be able to publish books that allow me to express all my different sides. I'm really grateful for the opportunity. So even if it makes me sound a little cray-cray when I talk about myself in the third person, I'm okay with it. Please don't make me move to another city.

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