Monday, September 19, 2016

Bouchercon Virgin No More

This past week, I attended my first Bouchercon conference. I've been hearing about Bouchercon for a long time and have always wanted to go. I finally decided it was time. I registered, bought my tickets, scored an awesome roommate at the conference hotel, and went for it. The week started with a workshop on diversity put on by Sisters in Crime. It led off with a keynote speech by Walter Mosley. I would show you a picture, but I was too busy giving him a standing ovation and wiping the tears off my cheeks. His speech was that good. Next day was my panel about cozy mysteries. Shawn Reilly Simmons, Loretta Ross, Carol Ann Newsome, Debra Goldstein, and I (in my Kristi Abbott persona) talked about our books, our motivations, and our favorite lines from our books. Carolyn Tillery was our fearless moderator.
I think it went well. I only mentioned penises once and I used a euphemism so I'm pretty sure it was classy. Then there was time in the bar with fun people like Midnight Ink editor Terri Bischoff and Midnight Ink authors Catriona McPherson and Lisa Alber.
There were publisher parties, regular parties, and tons of food everywhere, including beignet for breakfast.
There were hot sauce tasting bars:
Heather Graham's band played at House of Blues:
Then I also got to see cousins that I almost never get to see because they live way down here and I live way out west. They took me to eat more amazing food (red beans and rice, am I right?) and to walk along Lake Ponchatrain:
Monday morning, I go on a cemetery tour then get on a plane to go home. It's been an amazing and exhausting week, but I'm so glad I went! UPDATE: Had to add this because I'm not sure I've ever done anything this dangerous. I walked half barefoot through the French Quarter due to a flip flop blow-out in the cemetery.
Anybody have any good conference stories they want to add?


Lisa Alber said...

Hey -- I love that picture of us! And I'm so glad we got to meet--that was too fun. I'll need to get my post up for tomorrow -- and guess what I'll be talking about? :-)

Eileen said...

I only look a little drunk in that photo, which is good because I don't think I'd started drinking yet! I apparently wake up looking like I've been in the bar all night.

It was super fun meeting you! I'll be looking for your post tomorrow.


Edith Maxwell said...

It was a well-run conference in a great city! I went a couple of days early to do some touristing, because I'd never been there. And wasn't the diversity workshop excellent? That and kicking off Sisters in Crime's 30th year.