Thursday, September 8, 2016

Quaker Midwife News

Edith Maxwell here, with several bits of good news!

The large print version of Delivering the Truth came out yesterday. I've only had one other of my books come out in large print and I'm delighted. Isn't that a great cover? I'm happy that vision-impaired readers will be able to read a paper copy of the story.

This Saturday is the big event: the staged reading of scenes in Delivering the Truth between Rose Carroll and John Greenleaf Whittier. If you're in New England, I hope you'll join us at the historic Amesbury Friends Meetinghouse!

Friends Journal is the US national Quaker Magazine. They reviewed the book last week, and it was a glowing review! "...presents Quaker characters and their practices with refreshing authenticity...key themes and challenges highlight timeless elements of the human experience..."

In short fiction news, "Adam and Eva," a new 1888 short story of mine was published in Kings River Life Magazine recently. This one is told from the point of view of my midwife's postmistress friend, Bertie Winslow, as she and Rose work together to find and catch a killer. 

Also, I'm very excited to be one of the Blood on the Bayou contributors, this year's Bouchercon anthology. If you'll be in New Orleans next Saturday afternoon, come get your own copy signed by the authors!

Next, Called to Justice is in production. That's very exciting - it means the book is on its way to being out in the world next April. It's available for preorder, too.

Third, my manuscript of book three is done, polished, and out with an independent editor. It's always a great feeling to finish a book. I like the story, which takes place during election week of 1888 and has a sub theme of women's suffrage. (More on that later...) So far I'm calling it Turning the Tide, but that could change. The book isn't due until January, however I have to write another book in another series before then, thus the head start.

It was a good August for me. I went away on a writers' retreat and got a lot done. At home I'm enjoying all the summer produce and my family is well. Fall is nearly officially here, though. I'll welcome some crisp temperatures, finding my knee-high boots, and sinking my teeth into local apples.

Readers: have you ever read a large print version? Do you enlarge the font on your ereader instead? Anybody with deep knowledge of the women's suffrage movement in the late 1880s?


Eileen said...

Congratulations on all the good news, Edith! How wonderful!

Edith Maxwell said...

Thanks so much, Eileen!

ptclayton said...

I like reading large print it is so much easier for me to read large at night as the light isn't as bright as my husband is sleeping. So large print is great but I am excited that another one of your books is in production as i so look forward to reading it!

Unknown said...

As I've just turned 60 years old, I find my eyes have realized they too are 60. Yes I've read large print books and also enlarge the print on my Kindle to ease the strain on my eyes. Glasses has been strengthened so hopefully that will help too. I am looking forward to reading your new book.

Lisa Alber said...

This is great, Edith! So happy for you!

Anonymous said...

I don't like large print books much, though I will read if that's all that's available. When I taught speed reading, we worked on reading phrases of three or more words instead of single words. Print too large makes that harder for me to do.
I do enlarge some posts on my computer, but the Kindle app. on the iPad seems perfect as is.
Looking forward to another book! <3

April Rogers-Krick said...

So happy for you. Even though I can't wait to read book 2, book 3 as me so excited. As you know my speciality is women's history. It is going to be awesome. We too are looking forward to fall. Love cold weather.

Edith Maxwell said...

Thanks, all!