Monday, October 17, 2016

Big Fat Yawns

I'm trying to come up with something I've done in the last month that anyone would find interesting and I'm coming up with a big blank. I fell and skinned my knee. I saw an old college friend I haven't seen in close to thirty years. I finally remembered to buy a stash of emery boards to keep at my mother's place so I can do her nails whenever I feel like it.

Not exactly blog worthy material.

The truth is, my life is often very boring on the outside. I sit on my couch and read student papers and write my books. Since it's often close to a year between book releases, there often doesn't seem to be much happening at all.

Inside, however? Inside I'm like a riot at an all night rave! There's so much going on inside my head I don't know how to express it all. People are getting murdered. People are falling in love. People are reaching for the stars. Unfortunately, all those people are imaginary and even good friends look at you funny when they ask what's going on and you give me them a long discourse on the events in the lives of your imaginary friends.

I've had jobs where it looked like I was doing stuff all the time. Frankly, a lot of them left me bored. So If I have to choose, I'll choose my exciting interior life hunkered down here on my couch with my imaginary friends.

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