Thursday, October 27, 2016

Black Cat and Dog Days

In the spirit of Halloween, let me introduce you to one of the more sly characters in my soon-to-be-released cozy, Deadly Dog Days. One who shows up where you'd least expect him at the most unexpected times.

Spook is his own man. Owned by no one and free to roam, he sneaks inside our heroine, Cameron's house whenever the desire strikes. Cam isn't sure how Spook gets in, but she has a hunch it's through the attic. 

Aloof and light-footed, he likes to pad across the top of the refrigerator and slink through the books and knickknacks on the bookshelf. 

Spook even has a knack for showing up at the scene of the crime!

My cat, Cupcake (named by her first owner, my niece) was the influence for Spook. While Cupcake isn't necessarily sneaky, she is a little devil. Devil's food cupcake is what I like to call her. 

This is Cupcake. She's a wild woman. She and Spook would be best friends! 

Wishing you a safe and happy Halloween with lots of treats and no tricks!


Jamie Blair
My debut cozy mystery, DEADLY DOG DAYS, comes out November 8th! So go vote and then stop by the bookstore and grab a copy! 


Eileen said...

Cupcake is beautiful! No wonder he inspired you!

Clickner said...

I can't wait to read this book. I look forward to getting it.3