Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Which Camera Do I Look Into?

by Felicia Donovanimage

I'm hoping my fellow Midnight Ink authors can give me some advice as I embark on my first television interview.

I figured I would just show up and answer a few questions about THE BLACK WIDOW AGENCY series just like the many readings I've done over the years. Cool, confident...piece of cake.

Then I got "the list."

  • Studio lights are very bright so wear extra makeup.
  • The lights are also extremely warm so use extra powder to avoid "shine."
  • Avoid wearing red.
  • Warm colors work better.
  • No stripes or "busy" prints or they will strobe.

Okay, you veterans in TV Land, spill! What other advice can you give me to prepare for my big TV debut? I'm starting small, but I want to be good and ready when I get the big call from Oprah!

(Fortunately, my next interview is radio so I don't have to worry about strobing or shining.)


Julia Buckley said...

Felicia, I'm thrilled to hear of your tv spot, but I can't help you--no tv experience, except in those fantasies where I go on Letterman. :)

Keith Raffel said...

After seeing me on TV once, my sister-in-law said don't let them shoot you from above again. Of course, you probably have hair on your head.

Mark Terry said...

I've done a couple--and I think Joe's probably the expert here--but probably the most important thing is to relax and enjoy. If your host is any good, they'll make it easy for you. Talk to them as if you're in your living room.

Felicia Donovan said...

Keith, at least you didn't tell me to shave right before to cover up the "5 o'clock shadow." Ha!

Don't shoot from above. Okay, got that.

Julia, we all have those fantasies about the "big" TV spot. For me it's Oprah. I want to hear her wind up and belt out my name as only she can...

Mark, I have a feeling my host will make it all very comfy, but I still want to sound semi-intelligent!

Sue Ann Jaffarian said...

My advice - pee right before you go on.

Felicia Donovan said...

Ha ha, Sue Ann. You would think of that one! Trust me, it won't matter...