Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Drinking at the Conference Bar can be Murder

Hi Folks,

Luckily it's morning and the bar here at Love is Murder in Chicago is closed.  In fact, the conference is coming to a close.  Before our esteemed and beloved editor Terri Bischoff hops into her car and drives back home, or better yet, to her office to do a little catch up to make sure all our author type needs are met, I thought I'd pull her aside for a little Q and A.

To set the scene, our dear Terri is sprawled on the couch in my room, having nursed a few (or a lot too many) cocktails last night.  She claims to remember the evening spent at the bar, so all should be well.

Q: What was your favorite cocktail this weekend?
A: I don't know what it was called.  It was a Martini with cranberry and mint, served in a glass made of ice.

Q: Sounds fancy. Who paid for it?
A: I have no idea.  Oh wait,  Several were purchased by agent Christine Witthohn with whom I'm afraid I may have made several deals.

Q: Did you actually attend the conference?
A: Why yes I did.  I participated in three panels.  One, with Kathleen Ernst.  I also took hours and hours of pitches.

Q: Did get interesting pitches?
A: Of course, but the proof will be in the pudding when the manuscripts appear in my inbox.

Q: What was your favorite conference moment?
A: Dreaming up our new sitcom with you and Ben LeRoy--The Housewife, The Lesbian and The Bachelor.  Also my new illegal business venture with Donna Bagdasarian, Ben LeRoy and Christine Witthohn.  (Please, no questions).

Q: Do you think you will sober up enough to get to another conference this year?
A: I will be attending the Writer's Institute at UW Madison, Malice Domestic, The Rocky Mountain Fiction's Writer's May Workshop and Bouchercon in Cleveland.

Q:What is the value of a conference like this for you as an editor?
A: Taking pitches and finding potential new authors, but talking and networking with agents and other editors.

Q: Is there a downside?
A: The damage incurred to my liver.  Also, I think I agreed to feed Jessie Chandler's cat while she's out of town.

Q: Thanks Terri!
A: I need another drink.


Shannon Baker said...

I still owe Terri that bottle of vodka. Maybe we can down it on Linda's patio on May.

Darrell James said...

Sorry I missed all this miscief!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you told our dirty secrets!
But boy were those IceTinis were tasty ;)
Another round?

Christine @ Book Cents

Beth Groundwater said...

Love it! Sounds like Terri had almost TOO good of a time at the conference. ;-0

Linda Hull said...

Just a little hint--Terri sure seems more interested in those new series ideas after a pitcher of martinis!!

Brenda Buchanan said...

So much fun - sorry I wasn't part of it.

Hope your headache abates by next week.